Don't hire Mike LombardiDear Jimmy Haslam III, we Cleveland fans realize this is your first experience with owning an NFL franchise. We know you paid a huge sum of money to buy the Cleveland Browns and you should be able to do what you want with your new team. We respect how much you admire the greatest football fans in the world and together we are asking you to please keep Mike Lombardi as far away from your Cleveland Browns as humanly possible. The guy did nothing but bad things the last time he was employed by the Cleveland Browns. You have a big investment to protect Mr. Haslam. Bringing Lombardi back to the franchise would be like taking your new house in Cleveland and moving it into the swamps of Louisiana. It does nothing to improve the value.

While respect your attitude to build us a winner in Cleveland, we also know you may listen to people you think are in the know. In the case of Lombardi we beg you to fully investigate his past in Cleveland. If you find anything of value that Mike Lombardi was responsible for, please let us know.  There is a reason Lombardi has been out of football and is working as an National Football League TV analyst. There is also a reason the guy is labeled as a former NFL team executive.

Mike Lombardi is worthless as a member if a National Football teams front office member. He brings bad talent to the table and adds very little football knowledge to your franchise. Mr. Haslam, take this opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others. There is no reason in this day and age you should have to live through the same mistakes that others have made. Do your due diligent s. Look hard at the past of Lombardi and try to find anything of worth he brought to the table for the Cleveland Browns in the past.

I am confident that a man like yourself Mr. Haslam won't make the same mistakes of others. You don't become a successful as the Haslam family has by crossing bad bridges. You have learned to go around obstacles and Mike Lombardi is certainly an obstacle the Cleveland Browns don't need....

Thanks for reading this Mr. Haslam and I wish you, your family and the Cleveland Browns the best....

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