Quicken Loans drop Rush LimbaughDan Gilbert’s Quicken Loans has dropped their sponsorship of Rush Limbaugh due to his con-traversal comments he made concerning Sandra Fluke’s testimony in front of congress. Limbaugh made comments calling Fluke a whore, a prostitute and a slut. He said Fluke needed to be paid to have sex, Limbaugh said¬† “we want something out of it” Limbaugh said he wants Fluke to post videos on line of her having sex so everyone could watch.

Quicken Loans owned by Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert took the correct path pulling the plug on giving a guy like Limbaugh money. This guy has overstepped his boundaries with the comments he made concerning Sandra Fluke. Limbaugh isn’t backing down either. Limbaugh continues to make comments even after Sandra Fluke received a phone call from President Obama. The President told Fluke her parents should be proud of her for standing up for women’s rights in America.

Quicken Loans isn’t the only sponsor Limbaugh has lost. It will be interesting to see how many more sponsors Limbaugh loses.

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous

    I hope this is not true. It is truly a shame people in whats left of America no longer have free speech. I do believe there are a lot of women who agree with him. Birth control is not a life saving drug & there are options out there. Planned parenthood gives it away free or almost free and condoms are not that expensive.

    But the left of which I use to be one are just a bunch of bullies who have to have things there way or they destroy any one who has a different point of view.

  2. anonymous

    I disagree that “people in whats left of America no longer have free speech.” Rush Limbaugh was free to say what he said. Nobody is taking that right away from him. His sponsorships are being pulled because his comments were inappropriate. To call Fluke a slut and a whore because he did not agree with her views was irresponsible. These companies that are sponsoring Rush are only doing so because Rush brings them customers. When his association with these companies begins to drive customers away, they are forced to disassociate with him. Their relationship with Rush has nothing to do with his politics and everything to do with profits. If Rush is too ignorant to understand such a simple concept, that is his problem.

    In response to your comment, “the left of which I use to be one are just a bunch of bullies who have to have things there way or they destroy any one who has a different point of view,” I must say that Rush has made millions of dollars doing just that. His comments about Fluke prove it.

  3. queensrealm

    Is it ok to strip Rush Limbaugh of his ‘freedom of speech’, when those who supported the filthy insults that were thrown around about a governor and her family and the Media and the Liberal Left stood by relishing every insult against her, or were a part of it. What was done to her was a disgrace and what the Liberals are demanding here is another way to shut everyone up so that they can take over our Freedom of Speech. These things would never have been spoken if the society we have today was not creating it… Whatever the agenda is, they evidently have won, as they have stopped the freedom of your company and many others too. Money speaks…. I guess as long as there is still freedom to claim it or enjoy it.

    • LG

      Hey, I think you may have become a little confused. Nobody took Limbaugh’s freedom of speech away from him. He can say what ever he wants to say,whenever he wants to say it. That is the way Limbaugh has always been. The Problem is the people who didn’t agree with his view points were going to put the pressure on his sponsors. Then they started to drop Limbaugh. Yet he is still free to speak his mind though…So he still has freedom of speech doesn’t he?


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