Michael Lombardi the Cleveland Browns new G.M. may have an interest in the NFL’s top free agent this off-season, Joe Flacco. It is Lombardi’s job to investigate any possible free agents that could help the Cleveland Browns win. Joe Flacco who just won the Super Bowl is a free agent, he wants a contract that will put him among the NFL’s highest paid quarterbacks. It could be pay back time in Cleveland, in 1995 the Browns played their last game at the old Cleveland Stadium, then they packed up and left for Baltimore.

Just imagine if Lombardi could lure away the Ravens top player. The guy who threw the ball great during the play offs. Flacco went through 4 play off game without throwing one interception. Maybe Lombardi and the Cleveland Browns can intercept the right kind of deal to steal the Ravens quarterback and bring him to the Browns. The Baltimore fans would just die if the Browns pulled off a deal like that and the Cleveland fans would find it as a pay back for what took place in the mid 90′s.

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Readers Comments (21)

  1. Compass90

    What a joke! What sane person thinks that Joe Flacco would leave the Ravens to come play for the Clowns?

  2. getreal

    Never going to happen!! The Brownies are a joke.

  3. Dick Williams

    This would be the greatest thing for Cleveland since Otto Graham.

  4. mb

    Not Likely!!Keep Dreaming!

  5. BDawg7211

    Hahaha. Keep dreaming Cleveland.

  6. Brandon

    You should proofread your articles before you post them.

    • LG

      I certainly try too.

  7. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG …

    i can’t imagine ozzie letting flacco leave baltimore … because of flacco’s flawless playoff performance he will certainly command a huge payday.

    • LG

      He sure will….

  8. bonzie

    Please!!! I can’t take it.
    I hate bad pres days

  9. ABrown

    At the very least, the Browns interest would make Flacco’s negotiations interesting and also a little difficult for Baltimore.

    And if Baltimore isn’t ready to pay for a franchise QB or fails to treat Flacco like he is one, we could be in the running.

    Showing interest is a smart move.

  10. BOB

    Won’t happen. Only thing that can happen is that Cleveland is used as a chip to get more from the Ravens. In fact I believe Flacco declared he would always be a Raven

    Switching the subject – Not bringing in Chip Kelly was the BEST thing ever. The fact that Chip has Pat Shurmur as his OC is confirmation enough. Maybe Shurmur is there to learn Chip Kelly’s system. After all Shurmur embraces learning on the job for a whole season.

    • LG

      Chip Kelly must have lost his mind. He hired two losers for coordinators….

  11. RB

    It isn’t always about the money. It’s about championships. LeBron James would be an example of an athlete who took less money for a better chance to win a championship.

    I do not believe the Browns can offer Flacco a better chance of winning a championship than the Ravens do. The money will be close enough for Flacco. Right now it is just his agent building up his client.

  12. HEY YA!

    I don’t think so… If I’m Ozzie and the Baltimore’s front office, and Flacco and his agent come to me and say that they are considering going to Cleveland, I would look at them in the face and laugh so hard I’d probably piss myself… There is no way Baltimore would fall for that kind of ridiculous bluff. I mean c’mon, Flacco, a Superbowl wining QB, who by the way now owns that locker room with Ray Lewis gone, considering coming to Cleveland??? 0% chance, nor is it believable. Now if it were a team like Dallas, who has more talent, the new stadium, blah blah blah then Baltimore would take it more serious. The Browns, HELL NO!!! That’s career suicide and they know it!

    • LG

      Hey Ya, god thing you’re not Ozzie…

  13. Leon II

    Actually it isn’t as far fetched as some might think. Baltimore currently has 10 players under contract for next year that will cost them over $69m, more than half of the cap. Add to this that Joe Flacco, Ed Reed, Dannell Ellerbe and Paul Kruger are UFA while Dennis Pitta and Ed Dickson will be RFA. They have I believe 16 other players headed into unrestricted or restricted free agency this year as well, some of them starters and others significant depth players. That is almost half their team. Simply put the Ravens cannot afford to resign all of the big names and the more they spend on one they less they have to spend on other big names, starters and depth players to round out the roster.

    Considering the amount of cap space the Browns have it would be an extremely smart move to let it be clear that signing Flacco, who is an ideal QB for the Chud/Norv offense, will be a priority. He will likely demand close to $20m in salary and bonuses, something we can afford without hurting the overall quality of the team but they can’t without making sacrifices. While we might not land him we drive up his price making it harder for them to keep other players. For that matter we should also pursue Ellerbe, Kruger, Dickson, Kemoeatu, Arthur Jones, Sean Considine, and Cary Williams just to name a few.

    People forget that in the modern NFL of cap ceilings the game is played all year long. Winning teams are not just built in training camp and on the field but in front offices during the off season. The off season is a game of chess in which the team that blinks can end up finding themselves losing even though they won the bidding war for one player. Banner and Lombardi are supposed to be two of the best at that aspect of the game. Let’s hope their reputations for playing front office chess are as good as reported.

    • LG

      I didn’t think it was that far fetched wither Leon…

  14. HEY YA!!!!

    Are you guys serious???…Joe will except a little pay cut to keep some of his teammates around just like Brady did…there is no way in hell Joe Flacco is going to come to Cleveland.

  15. James

    Browns should offer him a ridiculous contract (21+ mil)…There is no way Flacco’s agent wouldn’t use that offer to pressure the Ravens to franchise him…which would hurt the Ravens immensely. HA! I love it!

  16. Anonymous

    may not come to cleveland but you can sure drive the prize up and really hurt the ravens!


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