The Cleveland Browns traded Colt McCoy to the San Francisco 49ers. The guy that no one in Cleveland thinks is good enough to play football in the NFL is now part of a  super bowl contending team.

Early reports are saying the Browns got a 5th and a 7th round pick for McCoy to go to the 49ers. Who do you think will get a super bowl ring first? It probably will be Colt McCoy, the kid who won more college football games than anyone else in Texas is now going to a first class contender.

McCoy will be the back-up to Kaepernick according to the reports. Harbaugh must like something about the way McCoy plays football. he is willing to take the 4th year quarterback off the Cleveland Browns hands and he is willing to have McCoy as their back-up.

This is nothing but good news to Colt McCoy, once again Cleveland sports is losing a guy that could turn out to be a great player. We have seen nit over and over again. Cleveland sports teams let guys go that turn out to be great athletes.

McCoy will do great under the watchful eye of Harbaugh, not only is the guy a great head football coach he was a pretty good quarterback too.

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  1. Bob

    SPOT ON LG!!! Great read!!!

    So McCoy & Dawson on the 49ers. I knew he was going to be traded to a contender even as a backup. I even wrote the 49ers as a destination for him. Browns YOU SUCK for letting these two go from your mediocre team.

    That’s right LG. Looks like McCoy & Dawson will be going to a Super Bowl before the Browns. All ready giving their ring size. LMAO. McCoy will benefit from being coached by a REAL coach FINALLY in his last year of his contract and then perhaps start somewhere in 2014 because after all, he is STILL YOUNG!!!

    Hey McCoy haters – Thought no one would pay him is 2mil + due. Getting the experience with a top team will land him as a starter in 2014. I am happy for the guy after how the Browns treated him. Obviously Jim Harbaugh sees his and Dawson’s talent, which speaks volumes. Harbaugh > Chud & Shurmur.

    For all you McCoy haters – I thought you wrote no other team wanted him? Told you that you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. When you McCoy haters wrote no one would trade for him, I knew he was wanted, but the Browns kept him as an insurance policy after actually watching Weeden play. Those stories that no one wanted him was bull %^& put out by the Cleveland Sports media (Plain Dealer folks) & Grossi because they love running good players out of town. Shurmur & Co., who also did a smear campaign on McCoy were just trying to save their jobs at the expense of McCoy.

    In other news, the Browns have Weeden :( and no kicker and they are starting over AGAIN!!!! I don’t know if I can bare to watch maybe I’ll watch the 49ers to see what the “ex-heart of the team” Browns players do when on a good team – ha! ha! Go Dawson!!! Go McCoy!!! – I know you both wanted the Browns to succeed.

    Good Luck Colt McCoy! Good Luck Phil Dawson!

    • dan dyer

      He is only making 1.5 million this years as his kickers were for being with the Browns and not the 49ers.

      If you want to talk about him getting a ring as a back-up and that is your best argument for him then you can have that one. Also I believe the argument was that no one would trade for him to be a starter. All you McCoy lovers talked up his game so much, we on the other side questioned if he was so good then why wasn’t there a trade for him as many teams were in need of a quality starter.

      This makes the 3rd regime in Cleveland that has not been sold on him, to me that says enough. He is a career back-up and this trade proves it. Cleveland had to give up a sixth roundpick as well to get the 49ers to agree to take the trade.

    • dan dyer

      Also you have relentlessly attacked the reports from Grossi and Pluto, but from my count they have been more correct in their reports than anyone on this site.

      • Bob

        Grossi and Pluto = Yawn!

      • Bob

        BTW – Interesting choice of word you used, “relentlessly”. Grossi got in a little hot water using the word, “relentlessly” with a
        Daniel Jeremiah yesterday.

        Here is what went down”
        Tony Grossi ‏@TonyGrossi wrote:
        NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah keeps touting Geno Smith for #Browns at No. 6. I mean, the guy is relentless in linking him to Cleveland.

        Daniel Jeremiah Daniel Jeremiah ‏@MoveTheSticks wrote:
        @TonyGrossi almost positive today is the first time I’ve linked Geno to the Browns…relentless?

        Are you sure you are not Tony Grossi? Also, I knocked these guys about 4-5 times this past year. Others have also put down Grossi & Pluto. You may want to look up the word, relentless before you accuse someone of doing it. But I’ll be relentless on those two now since I am being accused of doing so. SO… Grossi & Pluto do SUCK. Especially Grossi. They don’t name “sources” often. They write opinions as fact and then people like Grossi disrespects those who disagree with him. Grossi also blocks people on Twitter when they disagree with him or criticize him. Grossi is relentless with his hate of Modell, Lombardi and certain athletes he does not like. He takes things to personally.

        • Bob

          That’s TOO personally.

    • Anonymous

      C’mon, who cares the slightest bit what Colt McCoy does? he’s a backup and will stay that way.

      • Bob

        Okay mystery anonymous man. Go back to bed.

  2. ABrown

    It’s a great day for Colt McCoy, but a sad day for Cleveland whose poor player evaluation has kept the team at the bottom of the league perpeturally when other teasm get a great head coach and a couple of good draft years and start winning.

    One of the best player evaluators and best coaches thinks McCoy is worth almost 2 and 1/2 million a year. He saw McCoy play well against the 49ers in 2011, saw McCoy hands down out pass Alex Smith, and saw McCoy contribute the majority of the Browns ground game when the other backs were struggling.

    And since Harbaugh is a former QB, I’m sure he didn’t miss that McCoy led the Browns to rank 4th in the league in 2011 in protecting the ball. We were tied with New Orleans(13-3), behind New England (13-3), Green Bay (15-1), and San Francisco (13-3) who led the lead in ball security.

    I’s sure Harbaugh also noticed that McCoy ranked 10th in the league in converting 3rd downs and now is back to the bottom of the league with Weeden.

    Ranking in the top half of the league in long passing and accuracy while tying for the 5th most game winning 4th quarter drives didn’t hurt either. Neither did the fact that McCoy is a highly motivated, hard working student of the game with a high football IQ. Nor did his ability to move in and out of the pocket to extend plays and avoid sacks.

    And one further motivator may have been that Seattle was also interested in McCoy. All of this happened quickly once the Browns said that they really were interested in trading McCoy.

    Smith was good at taking care of the ball, but he lacks McCoy’s offensive fire. If Kaepernick gets hurt at some point this year and has to sit out a game, the 49ers won’t have to worry about falling behind. McCoy with weapons can win in this league. Heck, McCoy without too many weapons was able to outset much better teams. It’ll be interesting to see how he does when he has great receivers whole can get open and hold onto the ball (instead of leading the league in drops), the top-rated offensive line in the NFL, and a run game that won’t leave it to McCoy to take care of that sided of the offense too.

    This is a great move for the 49ers, for McCoy, and even for Weeden. He won’t have to worry about being shown up by McCoy in preseason.

    And the Browns front office might want to think about how they evaluate players. One of the best teams in football jumped at the chance to get McCoy and pay him 2 and 1/2 million dollars. Just saying. . .

    • ABrown

      a lot of typos in my post — very sorry.

    • dan dyer

      He will make 1.5 million.

      He is a back-up!

      The Browns will be better off without him as he does not fit our scheme.

      Good luck to McCoy and Let’s Go Browns!!

      • LG

        I just love the way all you people say he doesn’t fit our scheme. This is the very first time Chudzinsi has ever been a head coach in the NFL. The guy was a freaking tight-ends coach and then an OC who the hell knows what our scheme is? I’ll bet they don’t even know.

        • dan dyer

          …and obviously since they traded him before they even began practice, then one would seem to think that they thought he did not fit what they are trying to accomplish. They may not know their scheme yet, but they did know that McCoy wasn’t gonna be a part of the present or future.

          • LG

            That is what happens when you have a whole former staff trying to ruin you as a player. It seems to me that each new staff whats their own players whether they are right or not it doesn’t matter.

          • dan dyer

            just another excuse for you LG. McCoy is a nice guy and a decent back up. Mangini did not want him to start, Shurmur and company did not want him to start, Chud and company did not want him to start, Harbaugh wants him as a back up(not a starter). But you’re right it was just one staffs goal to ruin him as a starter. Your constant denial of the obvious truth is laughable.

    • Old Coach

      Great post. This is one trade that could very well come back to bite the Browns in the butt. Best of luck, Colt, we’re gonna miss ya.

  3. jim


    • bonzie

      you nailed it Jim

  4. joeH

    The only way McCoy gets a ring is ridin the pine. You guys act like he,s gonna start. He has to win the back-up job. According to reports ive seen. McCoy is just another avg quarterback. Many Many players are very good in college but dont succeed in NFL. Browns probably mostly did this just to get rid of this nagguing discussion. No one on browns ever said colt bad player he just does not fit current scheme.

    • Bob

      “The only way McCoy gets a ring is ridin the pine. ” – Perfect example of a McCoy hater

      • LG

        Hey at least he will get one, that is far more than we can say about Weeden.

        • dan dyer

          How is that a perfect example of a McCoy hater? You are stating that he will get a ring with the 49ers. He was traded to them to be a back-up. That is the truth!

        • dan dyer

          LG-like how you are pretty much guaranteeing a 49ers super bowl win. It’s not the easiest thing to do. And I’ll bet any QB on any NFL roster would rather be a starter on a team than a back-up on a super bowl team. If his goal was to be the back-up on a championship team then he is a bigger waste than this article was.

          • LG

            Dan, the 49ers are favored to make it to the super bowl again this season. You just never know in the NFL. one day you are a back-up and the next thing you know you’re in a game. Seems like it happened to McCoy once upon a time doesn’t it?

        • RICK

          LG, Sounds like it is a lock according to you to get that ring. He still has to win the backup just like here in Cleveland.

          • LG

            Rick, the odd makers have the 49ers making it to the super bowl again. I know it is a long season and anything can happen, but they sure aren’t giving the Browns any chance of making it to the big dance.

          • dan dyer

            and if he is happy getting a ring as a back up, then all the luck in the world to him. That’s just not an attitude that I would want from a QB. I doubt that he feels that way, but your article is exactly that because he was traded to be the back up not the starter.

  5. Applebee McFridays

    Wow. Feel better now Bob?. Glad you got all that off your chest?.
    I want Dawson and McCoy to do well too, they were loyal to the Browns and faithful to the cause, but they won;t be winning any Superbowl’s with the 49′ers next year, or anytime soon I fear. I even have my doubts that the 49′ers will win their division next year, and I am not just thinking of Seattle.
    St Louis are relatively unmentioned but will surprise a few people there I think, and for that reason I don’t think San Fransisco will have it all their own way.
    Expectations are also much higher there now, and that in itself will bring additional pressure that they may find harder to handle.
    The Browns on the other hand have little expectation, but will be better than they were this year, guaranteed, and parity with the 49′ers may be achieved sooner than you appear to think.
    I liked the 2 players Bob, but I have a lot of faith in the new Browns management, and I think you should too.
    Nobody hates McCoy, and everybody loves Dawson, but they are part of Browns history now.
    The future is what is important, and instead of saying ‘I told you so’ and ranting about ‘McCoy haters’ on this page, try embracing the new dawn that awaits our team, and focus on the positive changes taking place that will once again make us all proud to be Browns fans.

    • Bob

      Applebee wrote, “The future is what is important, and instead of saying ‘I told you so’ and ranting about ‘McCoy haters’ on this page, try embracing the new dawn that awaits our team, and focus on the positive changes taking place that will once again make us all proud to be Browns fans.”

      I earned my right to rant, so I will. And it has taken about 14 years for Brown’s fans of hoping for “the future” and “focus on the positive changes” . The thing that gets me most about this team is letting Dawson go. They should have let him retire a Brown. That shows loyalty.

      How can the Browns expect to have loyal fans when they continue to be the joke of the league and make bad personnel changes & decisions? And why did Haslam disappear so quickly after being so splashy sitting in the dog pound? And what happened to the “QB competition” that Haslam declared? I expected a competition with or without McCoy on the team. Why say there would be a competition again and then declare the starter before camp even starts? I don’t hear of other teams declaring such lies. So there. I ranted again.

      The Browns need to prove something to the fans now and get serious about having a team that can compete instead of sitting in the cellar. BTW where is the great free agent cornerback or wide receiver that they needed to pick up. Yes I know about the draft, but experience now is what this team needs.

    • ABrown

      Yes, Applebee, I’m very familiar with how no one hates McCoy, how everyone “likes” him, but they lie about him and can’t resist any opportunity to make fun of him and say he can’t play in the NFL and no teams would ever want him — but they like him. It’s been impossible not to notice that and frankly find it shameful.

      Now all of you who “don’t hate McCoy” are busy with your sour grapes saying the 49ers aren’t that good and won’t get to the Super Bowl any time soon. Where did all this anti-49ers energy come from?? Could it be because one of the top teams in the NFL is willing to give the Browns something for the privilege of adding Colt McCoy to their team and are more than willing to pay him the 2 plus million dollars called for by his contract?

      But now, as you say, a glorious new dawn awaits the Browns with their anointed old rookie who prepetually ranks in the bottom of the league and gives teams like Jacksonville hope because Gabbert is not the worst QB as long as Weeden is in the league.

      Sounds glorious! What I continue to hope for for the Browns is that they will wind up with winning coaches and will be able to recognize and start talented players and hire a less Machiavellian management team that focuses on building a winning team instead of feathering their own nests.

      I’m afraid I’ll have to be waiting until next year for a while longer for such a dramatic change in the Browns. way.

      It would also be nice if all these people who “like” McCoy could wish him well and restrain their desire to bash him and his new team — odd kind of liking, so much like hate.

      • Bob

        Great Post ABrown. Know the 49ers are a target for slam McCoy with assumptions.

      • RICK

        ABrown, The only reason that the 49ers were mentioned and not bashed was because the article states that Colt would get a ring before Weeden. It’s a shame Colts not here to turn us around but we will have to move on and see if the plan works. At least we can move on to your new contriversy with Weeden and Campbell. Evidently Colt didn’t fit in to the Brown’s plans. I wouldn’t make him out to be the new savior of the 49ers now. I wish Colt all the best and hope it works out for him.

  6. bobber

    Hey maybe you can start blogging about the 49ers now.Dont forget only negative stories.

    • LG

      Hey bobber, the only way you get to write about negative all the time is being born in Cleveland. We have enough bad teams hear to cover the entire world Now take that it is a fact.

      • Bob

        Here some negative for you from one writer named Tony Grossi, who is the leader of negative Cleveland writing. It’s like he has some personal problem with McCoy. He wrote today, “The surprise was that the Browns could acquire anything for McCoy.” How’s that for a “chip on his shoulder” sports writer in Cleveland?

        • LG

          Bob, Grossi is an asshole plain and simple.

  7. RB

    As always, a misrepresentation of the facts on Cleveland Sports 360.

    Truth be told, the people you called McCoy haters didn’t hate McCoy – they just didn’t agree that McCoy was a starting NFL QB.

    Truth be told, his trade to SanFran doesn’t change what McCoy is – a backup NFL QB.

    Truth be told, the Chud/Turner QB analysis is the 2nd NFL coaching staff to determine McCoy is not viable starting NFL QB.

    I wish McCoy luck and hope he succeeds in his position in San Francisco as a backup QB.

    • Bob

      RB writes, “Truth be told, the Chud/Turner QB analysis is the 2nd NFL coaching staff to determine McCoy is not viable starting NFL QB.”

      Are you serious? Fact is Colt McCoy does not fit in the Chud/Turner system. I say fact because that is known. If Chip Kelly came in, it would be Weeden packing his bags because Colt fit better in his system. As far as the last regime goes, they were just using McCoy as a scapegoat for their awful coaching. How many 4th down conversions did Weeden make again? Tell me one game where Weeden was the factor and had late game heroics? Where is Holmgren & Heckert now?

      So, next time you make a statement like, “As always, a misrepresentation of the facts on Cleveland Sports 360″, I would do your homework.

      Enjoy your next to last in QBR rating Weeden while you can because I believe now that the Browns will draft a quarterback to groom in the late rounds. Remember what happened to Flynn & Smith last season? Weeden is not out of the woods yet.

    • Bob

      “Truth be told, his trade to SanFran doesn’t change what McCoy is – a backup NFL QB.”

      Truth be told? Were you in the room during the trade? Do you know McCoy? Who do you know that he will only be a backup? Did you work McCoy out?

      • Bob

        When I wrote, “Who do you know that he will only be a backup? ” I want to state that I know Colin Kaepernick will be the starter for the 49ers. I was disagreeing that McCoy is not ONLY a NFL backup. I believe he can & will be a starter again. He’s still young, he’s accurate and he has potential. He’ll get a chance again one day, especially under the right coach.

  8. Horton

    I’ve got a sick feeling in my gut about this, not for Colt but for the Browns. I think Colt will be fine, he’s a winner. I think the Browns made a stupid decision but it won’t be their first and it won’t be their last.

    • LG

      Norton, this is Cleveland stupid decision are born here that is why our sports teams are a freaking embarrassment to all of us when we go out of town. When people ask where we are from, and you say Cleveland. They start laughing about our sports teams.

      • Horton


        We must keep in mind that this is a new ownership and the mindset that everything that has to do with sports in Cleveland is wrong is defeatism.
        I don’t believe the past has anything to do with the present situation in Cleveland except for maybe some bad decisions from the previous
        regime that have carried over.
        This is a clean slate, a new day. It sucks that they got rid of Colt but he was part of the decisions made by the Holmgren crew.
        I still like this new regime much better than the old one. It has focus and purpose and that is much better than disarray.

        • LG

          I guess we will see Horton….

        • Bob

          Hey Horton. I respect your opinion. You wrote, “I still like this new regime much better than the old one. It has focus and purpose and that is much better than disarray.” – I don’t agree because I don’t see how this regime is much better especially since they have not even played one game yet. Also, Chud & Lombardi are not new to this organization they were already shown the door once and I don’t care about the new owner because he just did what the old owner did. He left the daily operations & decisions of the Browns.

          Also the words “new” & “clean slate” are terms that have out lived their welcome when talking about the Browns. Terms like “same ol’” Browns still lives!

      • JS

        The upside is the 49ers are Ohio owned. So we do get to have something to brag about. I started out being very positive about the new regime, but I’ve waned on that opinion. It’s wait and see now. Hey at least there’s the Buckeyes we can count on. Colt seemed like a good teammate and good guy with a high football IQ. Whether he got a chance in Cleveland or not is, as we see, up for arguement. He was a good soldier and we should wish him well.

  9. Sam

    Unfortunately, this had to happen. I would have preferred McCoy as a backup over Campbell, but there was no hope for that. McCoy has a locally based Tebow factor: No one in the NFL (yes, NO ONE) thinks McCoy is a viable starting option, but for some reason many Browns supporters think everyone in the entire NFL has evaluated this kid wrong. The fact is this: everyone besides a select group of Browns fans knows that McCoy is a solid back-up and nothing more. Thus, the Browns made a smart move by letting McCoy be a back-up elsewhere without the distraction from Browns fans calling for him to start.

    • Bob

      Sam must be a man on the inside or a fly on the wall.

      You wrote, “No one in the NFL (yes, NO ONE) thinks McCoy is a viable starting option.” Links please. Quotes with names please. Names of people in the NFL must be given when you make comments like this and second rate reporters don’t work in the NFL.

      • Sam

        My source is the fact that NO ONE in the NFL that needed a starting quarterback even attempted to trade for him. If you were an NFL team that thought this kid was a starter and could acquire him for a 5th round pick then why wouldn’t you? If someone thought he could be successful as a starter they would have done just that, much like the Raiders just did with Matt Flynn. The Raiders preferred giving up the same pick and paying more for a man that has had one successful game (Flynn) instead of Golden Boy McCoy.

        • Bob

          Wow! Sam is his own source. FYI – McCoy is a better fit with the 49ers. Could it be that McCoy did not want to go to another losing team after what he went through? Maybe the Raiders did seek him out and his agent said “No thank you. Been there, done that.” Next.

      • dan dyer

        If that is your case then why didn’t any team trade for him to compete to be the starter? It’s not like we got a great deal from SF. Any team could’ve offered a 5th round pick and had him. If they thought he was starter material then that would have not been much to give up. You don’t really need links and quotes when you have facts to base your case on.

        • Bob

          Where’s your facts? Guess you were in the front offices as the trade went down. I guess you are an insider also. Geez. I guess only dan dyers & Sam get the scoop. They’re NFL Gurus employed by NFL teams to really let us, the lowly fans know how it is in the blog world. Thanks guys for your insight LMAO.

          • dan dyer

            The real question is where are your facts? Can you name 1 of the 32 NFL teams that want or think McCoy is a quality starter?

  10. Marty

    I lost total respect for the browns. To keep Weedon, what a waste of a human being. Now we have a Sissy QB. I like to see Campbell break his leg in preseason and Weedon go 0-16. Lombardi is still the ass he always was. What one thing has he ever done right.

  11. ForeverABrownsFan

    All I will say is Weeden’s worth will be shown this season and he will be a huge BUST, while McCoy’s worth, will be a back up, to a contending team and if used his stock will go up, while Weeden’s stock takes a huge hit.

    Dawson’s stock has never went down since he started with the Browns and will continue doing so with the 49ers.

    I would love to see McCoy get his ring, even as a back up, than to never get one at all, just like Kosar did when he was traded to Dallas back in the day.

    If you are on a team that wins a Super Bowl, reguardless if you play, you deserve it.

    McCoy is still a better QB than Weeden and will always be,

    • Bob

      McCoy’s stock will go up being under Harbaugh. The fact Harbaugh wanted McCoy speaks volumes. Let’s see Harbaugh coached Luck, Smith & now Kaepernick. Colt is in good company.

      • LG

        I believe you are correct sir.

  12. joeH

    Hey! i have an idea. why dont you McCoy followers move to San Fran so you can be with your boy McCoy then all this will not be required and we can all be happy lol. all kidding aside. I am retired and i read everything on footbvall to do with the browns and league overall. Ive never seen any team or person say Colt deserves to start anywhere. That speaks volumes to me alone. Think about it. If Colt was good enough to start somewhere he would of been there by now. Not just yesterday. As far as weedon goes i think they will give him this yr to see what he does. If he fails to perform like Colt im sure he’ll be shown the door as well.Eveyone needs to give this FO a chance to see what they field.

    • Bob

      “Ive never seen any team or person say Colt deserves to start anywhere. That speaks volumes to me alone. ”

      Let’s see, the previous regime started McCoy in 2011 before they used him as a scapegoat to save their jobs. They said he deserved to start coming out of a lock out.

      Colt started for 4 years previous to the Browns at U of Texas. They said he deserved to start.

      Browns players have said Colt deserved to start in 2012. Sports analysts and Lombardi himself said Colt deserved to start over Weeden last year.

      Here’s some advice. You need to do your homework before making claims.

    • Old Coach

      And outside of the Browns front office, how many people in the league think that Weeden is/was/will be a starting quarterback over the long haul? If you ask around, you’ll probably get some winks and grins and, most likely, some side splitting guffaws.

  13. PhilD

    The Browns are a bush league team just like all the other Cleveland teams. No ownership, coaches or players. We’ve been hearing since 1999 of the rebuild. Better teams in the CFDL.. Sell them and move out of town. The new coach, gimme a break, Never been a head coach. Yep, here we go again

  14. Marty

    I wrote earlier about Jason breaking a leg. I was wrong. It was out of frustration of the Brown’s management.I won’t back down about Weedon. I stand firm he has no talent as a QB. He may be a nice guy for a neighbor. Football he is a floop. LG knows what it takes to start a article. He gets responses. We may not all agree with each other, because we speak our mind. Colt was never brought along the right way. He gets criticize for a weak arm. People goes with that because Shurmur said so.LG had highlights of Colt. Where is the weak arm.Don’t believe every little thing you hear in the media.I personally know why Bernie Kosar was released. It what happened in the tunnel after the Miami game.The Browns botch-up of handling Colt’s concussion is why Colt wasn’t allowed the chance to compete.

    • LG

      You’re damn right Marty stick to your guns…..


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