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The Cleveland Browns draft started out really well last night. Trent Richardson was the first pick all along . The Browns secured it one hour before the draft started. They gave up a 4th ,5th ,7th to move move up one spot to # 3. Tampa Bay was trying to move up to # 3 to get T Rich but failed. Good Move Browns ! Now this is where it all crumbles, Rumor has it that The Browns wanted Kendall Wright @ 22 but The Titans took Wright @ 20. Now why would they pick Weeden QB Oklahoma St @ 22 ,when they told Colt McCoy They would not be drafting a QB in the first rd ?  Well here you go,this morning Espn and Yahoo Sports reporting that Colt was on the trading block and  that Green Bay is interested in him, for a Back up to Aaron Rodgers.Matt Flynn, Rodgers backup booked them for Seattle via Free Agency . Rumor is that this call is coming from Randy Learner ,Yes Fans Randy Boy is alive and well even though he is more concerned with running Ashton Villa.Why do owners give millions of dollars to  other people to run their team then think they know personnel ? Hire me Randy  I know more than you in this area ! How do you get rid of Colt McCoy who can read NFL Defenses ,who your front office set him up to fail by not giving him the weapons he needs ? and  you think Weeden is going run this team ? Do  you know for sure yet Randy, that Weeden can read NFL Defenses ??? Do you know if he can run Shurmur’s System ?  If this rumor is true and you dump Colt McCoy ? who is going to be Weeden’s mentor or even his backup  ? Man think before you do anything because all I see from the Browns Front Office is a dish of lies …….

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