Colt McCoy looked lost when the Browns played the 49ners today. The Cleveland Browns got the ball and McCoy tried to step up into the pocket when he got hit he fumbled the ball. McCoy looked as though he had forgotten how to win. The poor guy doesn’t seem to have a chance out there. McCoy came into today’s game ranked number 20 in the NFL. He has only completed one pass this season for over 40 yards.

McCoy only has 8 touchdowns and he has 4 interceptions.  Out of the 33 quarterbacks ranked Colt McCoy has the second lowest average per completion at 5.5 yards.  You can’t get it done in the NFL with numbers like that. McCoy’s led offense hasn’t been able to score a touchdown in the opening quarter in any game this year. His Q.B. rating is down to  75.4, there are only a few guys in the NFL with numbers worse than that.

Now I like Colt McCoy, he has a great attitude and the kid is trying his heart out. Unfortunately for the Cleveland Browns and the fans is just isn’t happening. The Cleveland Browns have to get something going. The team is losing games and the team is making fans lose their enthusiasm.  I don’t know what it is going to take for Colt McCoy to put some points on the board or if McCoy is the right fit for this offense.

What I do know is watching a team like the Browns with a great defense and almost no offense at all is not very exciting. Maybe the team could try Seneca Wallace to see if he can move the Browns. Highly unlikely they will. It sure would be nice to see some offense though. The defense is certainly doing their job.

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  1. Ryan

    How do you expect ANY QB THE BROWNS USE to have success when they have NO RUNNING THREAT, a HURT OFFENSIVE LINE, and NO REAL THREATS AT RECEIVER.

    Their star running back doesn’t play due to contract issues and now injuries…. How do you expect the Browns to rely SOLELY on a passing offense with their other starting receiver, MoMass, hurt??


    Blame the QB when their offensive line isn’t struggling, their starting running back is playing, and they actually have a threat at receiver.

    Colt McCoy would thrive on an established team right now, fans like you are just asking too much of him.

  2. bigdawgy54

    McCoy has missed throws when he’s had the time. The touchdown to Cribbs required a reverse spin by Cribbs to catch the ball. He holds the ball too long. He’s missing “open” receivers. There is indeed a problem with McCoy at quarterback.
    And, we can have something to compare if Wallace is given a chance. If he does better than McCoy with the “same” cast of players then we know it’s Colt’s problem.
    I say we need to find out.


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