Colt McCoy the quarterback that the former Browns regime deemed as useless has value to the Oakland Raiders. Sources are reporting the Raiders would be willing to trade Carson Palmer to the Browns for Colt McCoy. McCoy who was replaced as the Browns starter last season, is said to be close to being released by the Browns.

The Raiders see value in McCoy and sources have reported all day the team would give up Palmer and his expected 13 million dollar contract to the Browns for McCoy.  The latest rumors coming out of Oakland have the Raiders thinking about acquiring Matt Flynn too.

Browns CEO and president Joe Banner has made the statement that McCoy will compete for the starting quarterback role in Cleveland as well.

With the NFL draft only weeks away, it is going  to be interesting to see is Banner is just putting up a smoke screen or the team fully intends to let McCoy stay in Cleveland and compete for the starting role.

One thing is certain, the Browns brass is far from being sold on Brandon Weeden.

If the team does intend to have a real quarterback competition in Cleveland once camp starts, it will be interesting to see how Mr. Weeden deals with the pressure of trying to legitimately win a starting role because he sure didn’t do it last year.

As the draft draws near, the Browns have some decisions to make. The team has more quarterbacks than they know what to do with. Could Carson Palmer end up in a Browns uniform? Who knows, your guess is as good as mine.


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  1. muttklingon

    the are looking at Colt McCoy? be cause carson Palmer is too old!.

  2. RB

    The reason they wan to trade Palmer is to dump his salary. They are just trying to get something for him before he is released.

    The Browns would be foolish to make the trade. Palmer isn’t worth what he’s getting paid.

    The Raiders aren’t keeping Palmer so they’re trying to get something for him before they release him.

    • RB

      Sorry about the last sentence. Been a long day.

  3. Jeff

    Oakland is just looking for someone (anyone) to take Palmer’s huge contract. They’d happily trade him for a 6-pack of Great Lakes.

  4. James

    I hope this isn’t true. The Browns don’t need a washed up Carson Palmer OR his gigantic salary!

  5. mike McCoy

    Carson Palmer is 33, that is only 3 years older than Brandon Weeden you idiot. Muttklingon, you are dumber than any words that your vocabulary would understand will let me express to you.

  6. dan dyer

    If any of this is true then McCoy’s career is over! Oakland ruins QB’s more than Cleveland. It is being reported all over sports networks that a deal for Flynn is all but done and Palmer will be released, but we will see.

    Oakland is so desperate to get rid of Palmer they would probably trade him for a bucket of KFC. Both sides are on record saying that they want to part ways. Oakland wanted Palmer to take a pay cut and he refused. He has become a selfish diva in my opinion.

    Can you add the link where Banner stated that McCoy will be involved in the QB competition? I have looked for it and have found nothing recently that supports that claim.

    You say that One thing is certain, the Browns brass is far from being sold on Brandon Weeden. I think a more honest assumption would be that Browns brass are not interested in keeping McCoy on the roster. For what it is worth, at least Banner has publically stated that Weeden will go into camp as the starter and it is his job to win or lose. That is a more encouraging statement than any I have heard Browns brass make about McCoy.

    Remember that this report is a rumor. Just like the Alex Smith, Ryan Mallet, Matt Moore, Joe Flacco, Derek Anderson, Matt Cassel, and Chase Daniels rumors. Weeden, Campbell, and possibly a mid to late round rookie will be the options at QB, with Weeden holding the edge over all.

    • Bob

      Dan wrote – “Weeden, Campbell, and possibly a mid to late round rookie will be the options at QB, with Weeden holding the edge over all.”

      Agreed, but I don’t understand why they said there would be a competition and then Banner announces this week that Weeden is the starter going into camp. What is also strange is that Chud should be saying this not Banner. Sounds like this team is going to be micromanaged big time. I hate that!!! If a team hires a coach, let that coach say which QB is starting going into camp.

      • dan dyer

        This is all preseason, pre-draft mumblings. I’m glad to see that Chud is not engaging in these discussions. Hopefully is is still evaluating the players on his team, possible draft picks, and getting with his coaching staff and determining the best playbooks to suit this team.
        You must remember that this was the time of year when we usually would be hearing a lot from the person in Lombardi’s position. Banner I believe is fielding these questions and doing these interviews to keep Lombardi out of the limelight. Also with a first year HC he is still learning his position, so I think it benefits him to not be bombarded with these questions as of yet…in time it will be his role to get in front of the media and field these questions.

    • Anonymous


      • Bob

        Everyone knows that. That’s why the Browns are the Browns. Lots of great pick ups in free agency, don’t you think? Browns now have a QB older then “soon to be 30″ Weeden. What a great pick up to build for the future. LOL.

        McCoy will be successful when he leaves the Browns.

        • LG

          Bob, you are being sarcastic about “lot of great pick ups” right? I think they only made two that are good and that is left to be determined. Kruger worries me a bit. He jst coming off a super bowl and now he is going to be on a team that doesn’t know how to win yet..

          • Bob

            Sarcastic? Absolutely! No great Cornerback & no great WR IMO. I thought the same about Kruger = show me the money!

          • LG

            That is right Bob, it happens a lot after a super bowl win. There were a lot of guys on the Ravens that helped Kruger look good. I certainly hope the Browns didn’t miss the boat here. Happy Easter Bob…

  7. Leon II

    Well it has been already stated but I will add in mine as well. Of course the Raiders would trade Palmer whose skills are in decline and is costing them 13m for McCoy who is a quality back-up, possible starter for 2.5m. The Raiders have huge holes everywhere and little cap space – last check it was 2.8m. They need to make some cap space fast or they won’t have the money to sign their draft picks. The trade would be ideal for them but a horrible decision for the Browns.

  8. matt gerber

    Palmer is still better then McCoy trade for him only if raiders pay at least half his salary and throw in draft pick

  9. RB

    The only place I’ve seen where the Raiders were interested in a McCoy/Palmer trade was on this website.

    I wonder where it originated.

    • LG

      For crying out loud RB do a freaking Google search, you do know about Google right?

      • RB

        I did a “freaking” google search. The only articles I saw referred to your article as the source.

        • LG

          You have to be Freaking Kidding me RB, Are you on Facebook at all? If so look for the Brandon Weeden nation page, I posted a bunch of links to the other stories I found on that facebook wall to show Denny Dice I didn’t make it up…

          • dan dyer

            I also find this article funny. I asked for a link but did not get one. I also google searched and only found one article that the author retracted his headline stating that Banner never said that McCoy would compete, he just assumed that by Banner saying they would not release McCoy yet that he would be in the competition.

          • LG

            Dan, there are tons of rumors going around these days. It happens every time the NFL draft comes up. Now you have people writing the Browns will let McCoy compete for the Starting role. Here is a link to one……

          • dan dyer

            LG-if you would actually read the article you would see that the author retracted his headline. His exact words on the top of the article are as follows:

            (Note: an earlier headline said “will compete for starting QB job” and that was speculation based on what Joe Banner said. I’ve updated the headline as such.)

            Banner has not recently said anything about McCoy competing for the starting QB position so it would help your argument if you would not include unreliable information to try and prove your point. Try doing some in-depth research, it may help you see the truth that McCoy is all but gone and Weeden looks to be the starter for 2013. I know this breaks your heart but we have been trying to prepare you for this for months.

          • LG

            But Banner did say it before and so did Chudzinski when he said he was going to be interested in seeing what Weeden, McCoy and Lewis could do. That is when Banner let him talk…

  10. DR

    Are all of you idiots? You realize that NFL contracts are not guaranteed, so if the Raiders don’t want to pay him they can just cut him. They don’t need to trade him. Sheesh. Also, trading or cutting him accelerates any remaining portion of his signing bonus against the Raiders cap.
    NFL 101. Palmer has no trade value at $13M, he will be cut and can be signed. McCoy has little value because he will be cut too.

    Only way this works is for Palmer to negotiate with the Browns to take a pay cut prior to the trade. There is no reason for him to do that because he will be cut and can be a free agent.

    • Leon II

      DR – I think you need to retake NFL 101 because you clearly missed the lecture on salaries, bonuses and how the cap hit is determined, both active and dead money. Palmer’s 2013 base salary is $13m with the allocation from his signing bonus (paid up front but divided over the length of his contract) of $2,350,000. That makes his 2013 cap hit $15,350,000. Now because of signing bonus and money that was GUARANTEED in his contract if the Raiders cut him before the season starts they will have to pay him almost $5m and take a dead money cap hit of %9,340,000 in 2013 given they will also have to account for two years of signing bonus. Now that you have read the Cliff Notes on NFL 101 would you like to take the accelerated NFL 102 course on how trades can alleviate dead money cap hits.

  11. terry


    • LG

      You have that right Terry…


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