The owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers,Dan Gilbert, is so disgusted with his team, he has turned a blind eye to the real problem. Today, Gilbert fired the teams general Manager Chris Grant. The Cavaliers have the 3rd worst record in the NBA with only 16 wins and 33 losses this season.

How bad are the Cleveland Cavaliers? Lets put this in perspective. The Cavs have only won 61 games since LeBron James left Cleveland. That is 3 seasons of losses that total, 185. This is not putting a team on the court to win a Championship.

The Cavs are completely dysfunctional with head coach Mike Brown running the team. They lack the kind of discipline needed to win.   Gilbert fired the guy that put the pieces that he thinks can win in Cleveland.

Yet, he is acting as though Mike Brown has an open ticket to stay in Cleveland as long as he want to. Gilbert said no one is happy in the Cavaliers organization. I hope he is taking the players feelings into account.

Within the last week, the teams young rising star Kyrie Irving reportedly told people close to him he wanted out of Cleveland. How many other guys on the team feel that way?

Until Gilbert drops the hammer on his players and gets some discipline in place, the Cavaliers are going to continue to lose games.

Gilbert thinks Mike Brown is somehow going to get the Cavaliers into the play offs this season. He is going to be in for a shock when the team misses the post season.

Brown is going to have to find a way to motivate his team and he better do it fast. If not his job could be next. Gilbert is embarrassed about the losses and he has had enough. How he plans to turn things around before this season comes to an end is anyone’s guess.

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Proof Read

    The Cavs don’t have the worst record in the NBA. They don”t even have the worst record in central division. You may want to update that.

    • LG

      So it is the 3rd worst record in the NBA. That is nothing to be proud of.


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