The Cleveland Browns coaching staff and GM are set to visit Sammy Watkins today and then they will spend some time with The Ohio State Buckeye RB Carlos Hyde on Friday.

With almost 2 months left until the NFL draft, the Browns have been busy trying to decide which players to bring to Cleveland. Both Watkins & Hyde are needed.

Watkins is one of the best receivers in this years draft. He could help Cleveland have the 1-2 punch that would make the Browns offense almost unstoppable, lining him up along with Josh Gordon.

Then there is the fan favorite Carlos Hyde. He thinks he is the best RB in the draft, and he very well could be. Hyde says he likes to let his football do his talking, but wasn’t afraid to tell everyone he is the best.

Just take a look at the film Hyde said, from the NFL combine. The film doesn’t lie and you will see Hyde running over everyone. But the big question now becomes if he can do that in the NFL.

The Browns brought another RB in who ended up being a bust in the NFL. They have to be careful not to make the same mistake again. The Browns have to be sure Hyde can come to the Browns and make a difference in the running game.

The Browns running game was a none factor last season. They need to establish a run this year that can keep a defense honest. This will open up the field and help who ever the QB is making down field plays.

If the Browns take Hyde and Watkins, the city of Cleveland and Browns fans everywhere will be ecstatic.

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. Bill

    I agree with you. Draft Watkins and let Hoyer sit back and pick defenses a part. With Gordon, Watkins, and Cameron we would be hard to stop. Then throw Hyde in there. That would be great.

    • JIM V

      I agree bill!!! I said that several days ago! Just maybe Farmer is thinking the same thing! Look who their talking to. one more thing. QB position may not be as big of a thing as what we are lead to believe it is! If hoyer can stay healthy,We will see one hell of a Offense!

  2. Ronald

    I still feel they need Watkins at #4. It would be great having Hyde too, but he’s probably gone by the second round. We need to pick a QB at #26 in my opinion.

    For sure, though, it would be great to have Watkins and Hyde.

  3. David

    I agree with picking Watkins over any of the top three QB’s. I’m also starting to think we should consider K. Mack at #4 and pick up a WR at 26. Roll the dice and hope Hyde is still there when we pick in RD2. If not, I’m cool with Watkins at #4 and Carr at 26 if he’s there.

  4. Bob

    I want Watkins at #4 for sure. Hyde at 26, and Garappolo in 2nd round.

  5. willie benson

    I love the matchup of Watkins with Gordon and Cameron along with Carlos Hyde in the back field, man, what a offense.

    • LG

      Lets hope the Browns front office can make it happen….


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