The Cleveland Browns travel to Cincinnati Sunday to face a Bengals team that has just dropped two games in a row. Now you have a pissed off Bengals team that may be underestimating the Cleveland Browns. It is funny how you have writers over at ESPN saying this is a serous mis-match between the Browns and Bengals too. Now you have some Bengals players thinking they are going to take there frustrations out on the Browns. Take a look at this article on-line where Cincinnati left tackle Andrew Whitworth is talking smack, you can see it here

Sometimes I think people don’t take the 4-6 Browns seriously.  The Browns should have defeated the Bengals in their first meeting September 11th. The Browns Defense was caught off guard.  This Sunday the Bengals will be facing a much tougher Browns defense. Cleveland’s defense is ranked number 5 in total yards, number one against the pass and 29th against the run. The Browns showed the ability last Sunday to stop the run against the Jaguars. The key to victory this Sunday against the Bengals will be if Cleveland’s defense can step it up and stop the rushing attack the Bengals throw at them.

Players like Phil Jackson and Rubin have been improving over the past two games. The Bengals may be in for a big surprise thinking they can take their anger out on the Cleveland Browns this Sunday. The Browns offensively continue to work hard on improving.  Last week they were able to move the ball and even scored a couple of touchdowns. Don’t forget the Browns had the lead over the Bengals in the first game. I look for this one to be a real dawg fight.

If the Cincinnati Bengals are thinking the Cleveland Browns are going to lay down in this game they are sadly mistaking. It is the Browns who may be taking their anger out on the Bengals after what happened in the first meeting.
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