Tom HeckertThe Cleveland Browns should use the fourth pick in this years NFL draft to solidify the defense Heckert has already improved on. The Browns can grab Morris Claiborne if things go right and another team doesn’t get in the way of what the Browns should be intending to do. You win a lot of football games in the NFL with solid defensive play. Heckert knows this and the Cleveland Browns know this. Once Heckert picks at number four the Browns should use the rest of their first round picks in the draft to build some offense.

The Cleveland Browns plan as far as we know at this time to use Colt McCoy as their starting quarterback. I think it is a fair plan, seeing how McCoy really only has one year under his belt as the Browns starting Q.B. and the team not only had a new head coach last year, they Changed their offense too. The Browns would do good to grab a receiver to improve their offense. The problem is the receiver people would like to see the Browns pick, might be gone when they get to the 22nd pick.

The Browns can get a good receiver even if Justin Blackmon is already taken, there is Hill and a few other good ones in this years draft. It is going to be interesting with about 27 hours left until the 2012 NFL draft to see what the Cleveland Browns do. Regardless of what happens, lets hope the Browns can get some guys that will be able to immediately make a difference in this up-coming NFL season.

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Readers Comments (13)

  1. Derek

    Are you serious…Claiborne at 4? you can;t pass on Richardson at 4, guy is a once a decade talent.

    • LG

      Yes I am very serous. One more guy for a solid secondary and guess what? RB’s are a dime a dozen

  2. kevin kvasnok

    a shut down cb next to hadden would be a great foundation to the defence and the right choice……………at pick 37. pick best availble regardless of position or need. but at pick 37 you can draft the best player and best cb in the draft in cb janoris jenkins. some people say well his height he might be to short at cb. well joe hadden and darrelle revis are 5’11….deangelo hall and asante samuels ,sheldon brown among others are 5’10”…janoris jenkins 5’10 193 lbs. he is a blanket cb who is physical on the line of scrimmage playing press better then any cb in the draft,challenges recievers from the snap until the whisle blows having great ball skills,a great run stopper with pro bowl talents and a top talent not just at cb but in the draft,also great at taking the number one reciever out of the game and outstanding in causing misdierection and turn overs. he is battled tested more then any cb in the draft period. when playing with cb joe hadden he was barely a notch below him in talent if at all and he was younger then and but now he is older and better. some people say he got into some trouble. well everyone deserves a fresh start and everyone makes mistakes when there young and playing with his mentor cb joe hadden will give him the best oppurtunity to change…..he is by far a better cb then claiborne and kirkpatrick and wouldn’t be disappointed if we didn’t push our luck and take him at 22. but you can get best cb at poker then 22 the best or second best wr in kendall wright and at pick four take the best or second best player in the whole draft in ot matt kalil…and from lt to rt on your o-line is just as important as the other… also can take og brandon brooks in third round,fourth round wr ryan broyles and wr mcnutt,fifth round dt marcus forston and dt derek wolfe. sixth round wr patrick edwards and cb cliff harris. seventh round-olb sammy brown,de cam johnson,de/olb adrian hamilton………….then trade 2014,2015,and 2016 first and second rounders for the vikings first,second,and third rounder in 2012 draft. then use those picks on rb trent richardson,wr alshon jefferry and de/olb bruce irving or og kelechi osemele or og brandon washington………..then use 2013 first round pick in suplimental draft on qb matt barkley when he see’s all the young talent we got and his best chance to succeed with ot matt kalil talking in his ear and us paying him more money then qb luck gets….thats best avilble pick them as they are infront of you…..

    • kevin kvasnok

      cb claiborne is good too just think cb janoris jenkins is better…would like them both but so many needs…they can’t go wrong unless they take a qb other then griffin 111 or luck the need to wait another year..unless weeden can be had in a trade up in mid second round

  3. Tom Heckert

    Hi folks, I just talked with Mike and he and I are 100% positive that we are not going to throw the fourth pick in the draft away on a guy that wasn’t even the best corner on his team. Thanks for the stupid article guys.

    • LG

      You ever think of a life of comedy? You seem to be pretty good at it……

  4. Jim Brown

    When Mike Holmgren claims that Colt McCoy is his guy, I believe
    him as much as people believed John Elway when he stated, matter of
    factly, that Tim Tebow was his guy and he was going to stick with
    him…lol. Colt McCoy is what the Cleveland Browns are stuck with,
    until the Browns management is able to get an NFL caliber quarterback
    for their team. What do you get when you put the best NFL line and the
    best receiving corps together with Colt McCoy, that’s easy…a losing
    NFL football team. It’s not rocket science, and no matter what spin
    Mike Holmgren puts on it, when he tells himself the truth, he knows
    that currently the Cleveland Browns don’t have a single NFL caliber
    quarterback on their team and he knows it. To give you a
    perspective here, Tim Tebow is a 5 times better NFL caliber quarterback
    than any quarterback currently on the Cleveland Browns roster!!!!
    That fact is pretty sad when you sit down and think about it, and it
    clearly shows how bad the Cleveland management has done the past
    several years!

    • LG

      Hey what do you do copy and paste your reply? You left this reply to another article. Come up with some new Material, and thanks for taking the time to read our Articles….

  5. Doug

    Yea, the Browns are gonna pass on a sure thing in Richarson. Ahh no, the Browns will tske Richarson (if no one moves up to take him) with the 4 pick Claiborne is going to Tampa at 5.

    • LG

      Doug, you know as well as I do there are no sure things when it comes to drafting a player out of College to play in the NFL.

  6. troy tiger

    you guys will do what u do every year..sell it! ur not going 2 get me all worked up again EVER

  7. Tom Wynne

    the actual picks should make the author rethink writing these articles…

    • LG

      The way the draft goes anything can happen. We saw that first hand last night. Lots of signs were pointing in the direction of Claiborne. He was even on the news yesterday morning looking forward to being drafted by the Browns. Weeden was one heck of a surprise at 22 too.


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