One of he newest Cleveland Browns free agent signing’s Ben Tate, refuses to talk about his former Texans teammate Matt Schaub.

During a radio interview, Tate was asked a direct question, about Schaub. His reaction was to pass right over the question, pretending he didn’t hear it.

Then the question was redirected as to what Tate thought about Schaub’s quarterbacking abilities. Again Tate gave no opinions. By this time you could hear in Tate’s voice, he was frustrated with being asked about Schaub.

The question was then re-asked and this time Tate gave a response. He said he refuses to talk about players that aren’t on his team.

While it’s true Schaub isn’t a member of the Cleveland Browns, Tate had no problems during the interview talking about center Alex Mack.

Officially Mack isn’t part of the Cleveland Browns either. Mack is an unsigned free agent who is hoping he can get signed by another team.

Tate was then asked once again about Schaub, and this time he gave an answer. Albeit, it wasn’t the answer the interviewer was hoping for.

In a heated tone of voice, Tate said, look, I’m not talking about players who aren’t a apart of the Cleveland Browns. He went on to say, if you want to talk about Brian Hoyer and the fine job we think he is going to do this season, I’ll talk about it.

Either the Cleveland Browns front office directed Tate not to talk about his former teammate Matt Schaub, or there could be some kind of hard feeling there.

Ben Tate isn’t going to give anyone any kind of answer concerning Matt Schaub.


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Readers Comments (2)

  1. RICK

    Maybe he’s just showing a little class. Who needs that drama. All positive.

  2. STEVE G.

    I heard that interview as it happened on 92.3 the Fan. Bull and Fox butchered the interview, then proceeded to make assholish comments about Tate afterwards. Only because they felt like complete idiots. It was a stupid question followed by an honest answer, they didnt know know how to respond and cut the interview short. Welcome to Cleveland Ben Tate sorry about the Half ass social media!


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