Just 6 months after suffering a ACL tear, Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer is trying to get medically cleared to return to the field. Is 6 months enough time to make a full recovery?

Hoyer thinks so. He can’t wait to take part in the Browns first mini camp which takes place before the upcoming NFL draft in May. Hoyer wants to show the Browns new brain trust he is ready to become the Browns starting quarterback for the 2014 season.

Hoyer is really pushing he way back. He has done well in rehab, and he says he is ready to compete to become the starter in 2014. But can his surgically repaired knee handle the hits he could take playing in the NFL?

Hoyer is the only guy on the Browns roster,currently that has played in an NFL game.  The Browns aren’t completely sold on Hoyer and they probably will take a quarterback in the draft.

But Hoyer had the experience needed to compete in the NFL. None of the other guys in this years draft are ready to start. How long does it take to become NFL game ready? We have seen it for years.

The Browns draft a new quarterback and throw him into the fire. Hoyer’s health is the only thing that could stop him from being the named starter. If his knee is fully healed and he can make all the plays, he will get his chance.

The Browns have little choice at the moment. The team needs to fix the right side of the offensive line. If they don’t the quarterback no matter who he is will take a beating this season.

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Readers Comments (9)

  1. james kirk

    Great read Larry ( as always )

    • LG

      Thanks a lot James, much appreciated….

  2. Ronald

    Nice article LG. Some guys are just fast healers. Adrian Peterson came back fast after ACL surgery too. I guess there would be more concern for a running back compared to a quarterback, but they all take hits. I couldn’t disagree about a single point in this article.

    • LG

      AP had one heck of a great year once he came back too….Lets hope Hoyer can do the same…..

  3. Leon II

    Dead on LG. The Browns desperately need Hoyer to be able to start the season at QB as none of the QBs in this draft are an instant starter. But no matter who starts at QB they will have limited success if the right side of the line isn’t fixed. We can’t have mediocre pass rushers blasting around Schwatz and getting their hand in the face of the QB.

    BTW: Did you see that McCoy finally found a home in Washington? I was getting worried that Colt’s next visit to a sideline would be as an Asst. Coach at the college level.

    • LG

      Yes, I did see McCoy landed on his feet in the Nations capital. Not sure if he will get to play but at least he got signed…..

  4. Bobby D

    I’m a bit confused. In the article you start paragraph 4 out by stating Hoyer is the only guy on the Browns roster, currently that has played in an NFL game. Seriously, you need to do some fact checking. I’m sure Haden, Gordon, Mack etc would disagree.

    As usual LG you get an A for your ideas but a C for writing. Seriously, 92.3 is looking for some weekend contributors, you would do much better talking. Seriously they are and I do think you would be good at it.

    • LG

      I meant the he is the only QB on the roster to start an NFL game Bobby D

  5. Bobby D

    Wow I used seriously a lot in the last post.

    But if you want the link to the job I could probably find it.


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