You have to love the confidence Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer brings to the table. The guy is rehabbing from his ACL surgery and he fully expects to be ready by April 7th to take part in the Browns off-season workouts.

Hoyer is so focused on being the Browns starting quarterback in 2014, he has already spent time talking to Kirk Cousins, about the Kyle Shanahan offense.

Hoyer brings something to the field you didn’t see in guys like Brandon Weeden, Hoyer brought heart to the field and that heart led to a couple of wins when the Browns played Hoyer when Weeden went down with his thumb injury.

It’s too bad the fans could see what Hoyer could do for the rest of the season. He won two games and he was on his way to doing something special in Cleveland before he tore his ACL trying to scramble for a first down against the Buffalo Bills.

Hoyer isn’t worried about the Browns bringing in another quarterback in the draft. He knows he has years of NFL experience and the rookie coming in will have a lot of learning to do before he would be NFL ready.

If Cleveland had any brains, they would start Hoyer and let the rookie if they take one learn while observing on the side lines. There aren’t any top quarterbacks like Luck in this draft. The guys coming out are going to be a gamble and all the NFL scouts know that.

Cleveland has been through this too many time and now that Ray Farmer is the teams GM, he realizes what is available. Finally the team has a guy in the front office with some football sense. Farmer comes from a team that hasn’t drafted many quarterbacks. The Chiefs went the other route and brought one in from free-agency.

The Browns should give Hoyer his shot. If he leads the team the way some think he is capable of, he should be give the starting role in Cleveland. Hoyer is confident he will be ready and he is working overtime to get there.


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Readers Comments (3)

  1. JIM V

    He should be absolutely the starting QB! But only if he shows he can pick-up where he left off! I think he can. But we’ll need a good running back, and beef-up the O line and 1 more good WR. In my opinion, “If it’s not broken! Don’t fix it!” From what I see, there isn’t a college QB that can come in an be the starter! It’s like a Piper Cub pilot being promoted to the Capt. of a 747! two different worlds!

  2. JIM V

    One more thing. Let us never forget what we got with Weedon!!!

  3. Leon II

    Realistically, Teddy Bridgewater is the only QB in this draft class that is clearly a day one starter in the NFL. However, he will struggle at times and it is doubtful he will become an elite QB in the NFL. While there is a possibility that one of more of the other QBs in this class, some who have a higher ceiling then Bridgewater, may start next year you can’t say that definitively at this moment. With no Andrew Luck in this class it simply means no team, including the Browns, should be even considering trading up for a QB this year. Use the 10 picks we have wisely and take a QB in the draft when one ranked appropriately is available when we are on the clock. With Hoyer and Alex Tanney on the roster we aren’t in as big of need for a right now starter as some may think.


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