There are a lot of changes taking place on the Cleveland Browns, now quarterback Brandon Weeden said; he wants out of Cleveland. As far as Cleveland is concerned, (the fans) they thought Weeden was already done with the Browns.

Many of them would be more than happy to help Weeden pack his belongings to send him on his way. Weeden was the worst waste of a first round draft pick in the history of the new Cleveland Browns.

Taking a 29-year-old quarterback with the 22nd pick of the 2012 draft was a stupid idea. Only the Cleveland Browns would make such a poor decision.

They wasted both first round picks that year and will have nothing to show for doing so. Who would give the Browns anything for a guy who doesn’t have enough balls to play in the NFL?

Weeden showed time and time again he doesn’t have the mental capacity to play NFL football. When he faced pressure he looked like a little school girl out on the field throwing the ball under-hand if he wanted to avoid the sack.

This guy is nuts. He should be waived by the Browns and as soon as they can, I’ll bet the team parts ways with him.

Weeden doesn’t belong in the NFL and all other teams have to do is watch any of the game films that he played in to see how worthless this guy really is.

Chris Wesseling  of sums it up best. He said;

The 2013 game film shows a 30-year-old quarterback still struggling with pocket movement, field vision, decision making, touch and ball placement.

Assuming the Browns are amendable to trading Weeden, they will have a hard time finding a suitor willing to part with a late-round draft pick for him.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Good Luck Brandon Weeden.

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. JIM V

    Who said Weedon was slow? He just caught on to what most of us have been saying after game 2 last season! Some of us said he needs to go after the 2012 season! Can anyone think that any other team in the NFL will pick him up?

    • LG

      I said he should go after his first pre-season game in Cleveland in August of 2012. I can’t think of any team that would give up anything good for this bum.

  2. jackrabbit21

    Weeden is delusional. He is like a child ending a friendship with another child. Eg. Child #1 (Weeden), ” I am not your friend.” Child # 2 (Browns), ” I am not your friend.” . Child # 1, ” I SAID I am not your friend FIRST to everyone.” Child #2, “I told you personally last year I was not your friend FIRST.”

    • LG


  3. Leon II

    The saddest part of this news is that if it had not come out on the same day as the team announcing the firing of Banner and Lombardi it would have been at best a barely noticeable minor blip in NFL news. Everyone has known for some time that the best the Browns can hope for is a late round pick in exchange for him. More then likely the only thing the Browns will have gotten out of a first round draft pick is a 2.2 million dollar salary cap hit.


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