Jimmy Haslam III has owned the Cleveland Browns for less than 2 years, and so far he has been rejected by two top prospects to coach his Cleveland Browns. According to reports circulating around the NFL, Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has declined to become a head coach in the NFL.

Sources are quoting McDaniels as saying; “now isn’t his time to consider becoming a head coach in the NFL. McDaniels has pulled the same stunt on the Browns brass as former head coaching candidate Chip Kelly did in the new ownerships first attempt at hiring a head coach.

You have to wonder what changed McDaniels mind. Maybe it was the way the Browns treated former head coach Rob Chudzinski. Maybe McDaniels and Chudzinski had a phone conversation. One thing is for certain, the Browns have a way of not getting their first prospect.

McDaniels was being reported as the front-runner, much in the same way it was reported that Chip Kelly would become Haslam’s first head coaching hire. Think about this for a minute, why would anyone decent want to come to Cleveland and be put on the hot seat in their first season as a head coach of the Cleveland Browns?

What goes around has a habit of coming around. Maybe these guys don’t want to work for Jimmy Haslam III and Joe Banner. To make things worse lets not forget to throw Michael Lombardi into the mix.

What a mess we have in Cleveland.


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Readers Comments (12)

  1. AL

    Do they really need a Head Coach !! Come on did any of us when we were kids , there getting a Stadium facelift which is more important by the way , so all they need are Cheerleaders and lower beer prices and it will sellout no matter what !!!

  2. Felix DeAngelis

    As long as Banner insists on making the personel
    Moves on this team, we will never get a top guy. That said: I hated the thought of McDaniels as our HC and hope we can get James Franklin or Ken Whisenhunt.

    • Paul Avery

      I agree, he isn’t a good fit for the team. The fact he cant commit to a head coaching job shows he doesn’t have the spine for the job. The players will walk all over him again, same as they did Chud. Find a real man to coach the Browns.

  3. dave

    Seriously though, wouldnt the Browns HC position be a cherry one at this particular time? We have 5 pro bowlers, 2 picks in first round of the draft, 8 in top 100 and 30mil cap space. The front office knows its walking on eggshells with it’s fan base and has to throw all its resources behind the new HC to ensure success. And lets not forget, by recent Cleveland standards, success can be maybe a 6 or 7 win season. Hell, an 8-8 season and you’d think were superbowl bound!!

    • LG

      You forgot the head coach my have to get the rest room key from Joe Banner every time he has to relieve himself.

    • CalBM1

      It wont matter how many draft choices we have Banner and Lombardi will either trade back or waste the pick or trade it for next year. The guy was right the 3 stooges are running amuck in the front office. This trio is truly dysfunctional.

    • Jeremy

      Dave, I totally agree with you. There is no way of knowing that McDaniels was their top guy, maybe going into the search he was the one they were most intriged with based on his ties to Lombardi, but that doesn’t mean squat. Maybe he expressed that he hadnt learned much from his failed attempt in Denver, or he was bitter, or he just blew the interview, and didn’t want to perpetuate gossip. WHO KNOWS! We don’t know enough about the situation to extrapulate that we were going to blindly hand the keys to Berea to this guy no matter what… I wanted the Wizzmiester last year, and I still think he could be a great coach for us this year… He took the Cards to the SB for cying out loud!

  4. Chad

    Why not Shanahan?

    • Bobby D

      I was thinking the same this morning

  5. Bobby D

    If you read anything other than your own articles you would know that McDaniels was told he was not their top pick for the job. So in order not to risk his employement in NE he declined.

    Now I fault the owner for this. Everyone knew he was their #1 choice andthey are runniing the Browns like a business. Sure if you are interviewing to be a manager of a company they tell yuou that you are qualified but they are looking at other candidates as well. In football its about ego. Their answer should have been we know you are our saviour. So now we are going to have the WHiz kids or something.

    McDaniels had already failed as a head coach which is great. Do you know how much failure truly teaches someone? Their desire not to screw it up again?

    Oh well. Lets see what comes out next.

  6. Bobby D

    Oh and by the way I can now tell you who told me about Josh Gordon last year. Norv freakin Turner. The guy wouldn’t shut up about it. It was like he went out of his way to impress me. He seemed like a goood guy though.

    • LG

      There you have it


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