The Cleveland Browns may have gotten a gift in Travis Benjamin, he looks like he could be the play-maker the Browns have been lacking. (Excluding Josh Cribbs) That is the good news, the bad news if Benjamin is injured with what head Coach Shumur describes as soreness. Hey Coach, lets not forget Benjamin just played in a NFL pre-season game, he could be suffering a little soreness, that’s normal. Benjamin has the speed to be a play-maker for the Browns, the team can’t afford to have him injured. Besides, what the heck kind of injury is soreness? Shumur won’t give any specifics. Just soreness, I have never heard of a guy being injured with soreness.

Benjamin played a heck of a role in the Browns first pre-season game, he caught 2 passes for 46 yards including Brandon Weeden’s only good pass of the game. Benjamin returned 2 kicks for 55 yards and he looked as though he could break one lose any time he touches the ball. Travis Benjamin this speed demon from the University of Miami looks like the real deal. Lets hope he can recover from his soreness in time to get some playing time in Green Bay. The Cleveland Browns need a guy like Benjamin in their games. I wonder if Travis Benjamin can throw the football???

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  1. bcharron

    I’d take him over Earl “the next Braylon Edwards” any day.

  2. bcharron

    I meant over “Greg Braylon Edwards Little”


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