With just days to go until the season starts the Cleveland Browns pulled a kicker out of the recycling bin. They went out and sign Billy Cundiff, yes he is the same Cundiff who missed a 32 yard field goal with the game on the line for the Ravens.

The Browns must have felt desperate. Cundiff couldn’t even find his way onto a dysfunctional Jets team, yet the Browns new coaching staff felt he would be a good fit for the Browns. Cundiff was cut by the Jets this summer.

Cundiff was a pro-bowl selection for the Ravens in 2010 but he will be best remembered for missing a 32-yarder for the Ravens that would have tied New England in the closing seconds of the 2012 AFC Championship Game.

Cundiff is 33 years old and he made 825,000 dollars in 2012. The Browns went out and they picked up a warm body. Now we just have to hope they don’t have to count on him with the game on the line.

Cundiff has been with 12 NFL teams in his career. What does that tell you? He has been booted by the best of them. He was with the Browns once before when he filled in for Phil Dawson when he was sidelined with a strained calf in 2009.


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  1. JIM V

    Well LG,let me see if I have this straight. The new brilliant minds of the Browns let the best placekicker in the NFL. Go! (Dawson). And if I’m not mistaken. Last year he is the only one to score any points in some games! I believe he was rated as the best kicker in the NFL! . So now we got Cundiff? and he was released by two other teams? if management in the Cleveland Browns are professionals? I must be a F***ing genius!. I would do their jobs for a third of what they’re making! And I’m just a fan.I promise I won’t ask you to bet a dinner anymore.LOL but what do I know!I will bet these guys would screw up a train wreck! .

    • LG

      You have it right Jim V.

  2. Old goat

    OMG we are in real trouble. thanks Joe you are absolutely brilliant.

  3. Anonymous


    • LG

      What is negative about this? The guy has been through almost half the teams in the NFL….

      • Anonymous

        What’s negative? Well let’s see, you hope they don’t have to use this kicker?. SO instead of them attempting, let’s say a 25 yd’d rather just say hey this guy can’t kick, what are we going to do now, we can’t have him try this FG, he’ll never make it.

        • LG

          Not having to use him for a field goal means the team would score lots of touchdowns….That is not negative, that is wishful thinking on my part…..

  4. RICK

    LG, Can you please find more to whine about. He wouldn’t have geen around this long if he couldn’t kick. Whats his overall percentage? Your basing this on a missed field goal. I guess PD never missed a 32 yrd field goal. You have questioned every move that the Browns have made and they will prove you wrong as usual.

    • LG

      Oh, he has been around Rick, look at where he has been….

      Dallas Cowboys (2002−2005)
      Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2006)*
      Green Bay Packers (2006)*
      New Orleans Saints (2006)
      Atlanta Falcons (2007)*
      Kansas City Chiefs (2008)*
      Detroit Lions (2009)*
      Cleveland Browns (2009)
      Baltimore Ravens (2009−2011)
      Washington Redskins (2012)
      San Francisco 49ers (2012)*
      New York Jets (2013)*
      Cleveland Browns (2013-present)

      If he was that good, don’t ya think one team would have held on to him?

      • RICK

        LG, I believe he didn’t miss a field goal for the Browns so why bitch. When he misses field goals then you can bitch about it. If he was that bad he wouldn’t have played for these teams that you listed. Besides we will get plenty of TDs so don’t you worry things will be fine.

  5. Don

    The front office better hope the Browns
    do not loose a game because of a field goal or extra point. They had better choices for a kicker.

    • keith

      Nov 2011. Rams 13 – Browns 12. Dawson misses 22 yard field goal with 2 minutes left. It happens to the best at times. And before you blame the bad snap, look at how Maynard got the ball down. It was there. It was a missed field goal.

  6. RAY

    The 49ers signed Phil Dawson for Two Million all the Browns had to do was cut Jim Brown and Mike Lombardi and they would have been able to keep the best kicker in football. In regards to letting Dawson go, If you took the Brains of Brown’s Management and shoved them up a Mosquito’s rear end it would be equal to a BB in a Boxcar.

  7. Jeremy

    The guy has hit like 75% of his kicks up to this point, which is ordinary at best. I guess the coaches are betting that they will only need him to kick inside of distances of 32yrds. Here’s to hoping the guy turns into a kicking monster (in a good way) and does his job the way we’ve been accustomed to. And Don, what the hell is going to happen if the kicker misses a game winner? You gonna start a riot? lol

  8. Bobby D

    Everyone is missing the real value here.

    With this guy as a kicker we will not have the safety blanket that we relied too much on with the 50+ yard FGs.

    Seriously though, kickers are a dime a dozen. If he doesn”t work out just pick up a new one in a few weeks. The guy is serviceable as a kicker. Yes PD was great but not worth the money for a kicker.

    Anyone who thinks they can do managments job for a 3rd the price dosen’t have a clue. There are so many things that management has to focus on that yes a KICKER is a low priority. Slam this next comment I know you will. What is the last thing you focus on in fantasy football, a kicker. WHy because there is not much of a difference from the 3rd best to the worst guy. Top 2 are great but lets be honest you do not want to rely on a kicker to score points.

    Jim V wouldn’t last a week in a managment job in professional sports. I know some of those guys and they work their arse off. Jim would cry when he missed his first meal with the family or parent teacher night or the countless other family things management misses. Yes this is a direct shot because I can’t stand people who claim to be able to do a better job. Obviously they can’t or they would be doing it. No I do not belong to the browns organization. I do know some of them (very low level guys) and respect their dedication.

  9. JohnnyV

    Typically i’m not a Browns basher but this one is a real f-up. What the heck are they thinking?

  10. RGuy

    As I see it the Browns have already put their scapegoat in place! A lot cheaper to blame a journeyman kicker than a $2 mil a year Dawson!!


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