The Cleveland Browns new general manager Ray Farmer, who is attending the NFL combine, was asked about the future of Brandon Weeden and the Cleveland Browns. Judging by how Farmer answered the question, I would conclude Weeden doesn’t have a future with the team.

Farmer said;

When we grade players we grade players on what they’ve done. Specifically, when you’re in the National Football League. The college draft, in my opinion, is a projection. So you put the grade on a player based on what you think he becomes in one to two years’ time. Once you get into the National Football League you get graded upon your performance and what you’ve been able to achieve at that moment. With that being said, everybody’s performance warrants a grade that’s relative of that performance. We have a grade on Brandon. We know what that grade is. In time, his agent and he will both know where we stand with Brandon.”

Farmer gave an honest answer about Brandon Weeden. He had two years with the Cleveland Browns and all he did was prove how bad he was. Weeden was a complete wasted first round draft pick.. This brings the total wasted 1st round picks in Holmgren’s last draft with the Browns to 2.

Weeden has to see the writing on the wall. He has to know his release is close and he has to realize, he can’t cut it as an elite NFL quarterback.

For him to come out and make statements about his wanting a fresh start, he knows the writing is on the wall in Cleveland. There won’t be one fan that complain about Weeden being released. As a matter of fact, some of them are willing to help him pack.


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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Ronald

    Right on!

  2. marty

    Evaluating Weedon did not take any special knowledge, no special skills, no inside information. In fact my parakeet had him figured out the first game of the first year. Every televised game, my parakeet would squak, the day weedon got hurt it was the first time I heard my parakeet sing. Normally parakeets do not sing.


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