The Cleveland Browns have just lost their 7th game of the 2017 season. This loss came in over-time where they lost to the Tennessee Titans by a score of 12-9. I guess we could look at the positives, the Browns kept the Titans out of the end-zone in this game.

Who could have imagined, after the 2016 NFL season where the Browns only went 1-15, that they would start the 2017 season with 7 straight losses??? It's amazing that this team can't figure out a way to win.

The Browns have a habit of passing over talented draft picks. Players that other teams take that turn out to be real NFL talent. How can this happen, year after season?

The answer is simple. The Cleveland Browns have no one in their front office that can properly evaluate talent. They continue the trend of wasting high level picks on players that are questionable, in the NFL.

Sure some of these guys showed great success in College, but college football isn't as fast as NFL football..... The Browns had a shot at beating the Titans in over-time, they got the ball first and in typical Browns fashion they couldn't move the ball down field.

The teams first play in over-time was a run that produced only 2-yards. Why would Hue Jackson become so conservative in over-time. The Browns were forced to punt to the Titans, and the team's defense was able to stop them from scoring on their first possession.

The Titans then punted the ball back to the Browns and the teams offense still wasn't able to get the team into field-goal range. The Browns then were forced to punt and the Titans were able to make a field-goal on their second possession in over-time.

Lets talk about the head coach Hue Jackson. It's almost like he doesn't trust his players to get the job done. In the second half Hue replaced quarterback Kizer with Cody Kessler. Kessler was able to march the Browns down field into Titans territory from their own 1-yard line.

What does Jackson do? He gets ultra conservative. The Browns came away with no points in a game that was close. Why didn't Hue put the knife to their jugular so to speak? I was a Hue Jackson fan when the Browns hired him, and now I'm not so sure he has what it takes to be a head coach in the NFL.

The Browns now travel to London to play the Vikings this week. Minnesota sits on top of the NFC North, at 5-2 on the season. I really can't see Cleveland coming out of London with a win it this one, and now Joe Thomas the Browns iron-man offensive line-man is questionable with a triceps injury.

It's likely the Browns will lose this game and fall to 0-8 on the season. I know it's bad to replace head coaches during the season, but clearly Hue Jackson is in over his head.

The following week the Browns have a bye week, and if I were going to make a change, I seriously would consider doing it then. The problem is who in their right mind would want the job?

It's going to be a long season of losses if Hue Jackson continues to do the same thing he has done thus far folks........



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