In last Friday's pre-season game against the Lions, Colt McCoy did play better than Brandon Weeden. McCoy threw for more yards and he was the Browns leading rusher. McCoy seemed to be the only quarterback that would help Weeden on the side-lines too. McCoy has shown a lot of class as the Cleveland Browns try to screw him out of his job. When you looked on the side-lines and you see McCoy talking to BW and the coaches trying to spell things out to Weeden he sees it shows how much of a team player McCoy is and how much he wants the Browns to win.

McCoy who went 6 for 8 and 88 yards in the Browns first pre-sesson game and he showed he is ready to play this season. McCoy understands the Browns offense better and it showed. The Browns are going to need a guy that can help Bring Weeden around. That guy may as will be McCoy, besides the way the Cleveland offensive line is playing, they are going to need a few quarterbacks. If Weeden gets hurt they will need a guy to come in who knows what to do. Lots of people will say, McCoy was in there against Detroit's second string guys. Lets not forget McCoy didn't have his first string guys with him either.

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