The 3rd day of Browns training camp has been moved indoors and the fans will not be able to attend the first day of players in pads. It has drizzled all day in the Cleveland area and although football is played in the rain, the team won’t practice in the rain.

The field is wet and the coaches don’t want to take a chance of a player slipping and causing injury. The Cleveland fans who were hoping to attend camp today will not be allowed to watch the practice session.

The team has made it a private practice and fans will have to reschedule their trip to Berea for Sunday’s practice. The team is still going to be in pads today, the fans just won’t be able to see them hitting each other.

The team did the same thing last season when it rained. Fans were looking forward to seeing guys like Greg Little line up in pads and watch him run routes and catch passes. In the old days of football the Browns would practice in the rain.

That is when they used to win games too. Maybe the Browns should stay outdoors and get used to playing the game the way it was intended to be played.


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  1. dan dyer

    Perfect example of you being an absolute Cleveland hater!!! You would rather them practice outside and risk getting someone seriously hurt than them doing the smart thing an moving practice indoors. Why in the hell do you think they have a multi million dollar indoor facility? You are as knowledgeable as a snail turd!

    • bill

      I’m with you Dan but it is LG is a lost punk. I found his picture, hope to see him sometime.

      • LG

        You can come and see me anytime you want too Bill…..


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