A few thousand people braved the frigid temperatures, to attend the Cleveland Browns 0-16 parade. The parade itself looked poorly organized, and consisted of some Buses, Tail-Gating buses, cars and trucks and people walking around the First Energy Stadium.

The one truck that seemed to fit the most, was a truck carrying a large dumpster. They should have used that dumpster to carry the team's coaching staff out of Cleveland, but we all know owner Jimmy Haslam III has stated Hue Jackson will return to coach the team in 2018.

Some fans think if you attended the parade, you are not a real fan of the Browns. I see this parade, (which I didn't attend) as a way for some disgruntled fans to simply blow off some steam.

On a positive note, the parade organizers were able to raise some food that was donated to the Cleveland Food Bank, so someone finally won something at First Energy Stadium recently.

Lets hope the Browns ownership got the message that people are upset about the way things have gone with the team for the past few years. Lets hope they start to bring in talent that can win on the football field.

They let so many good players walk in the past, and when you see those players doing well on other NFL teams it makes you wonder what in the hell the Cleveland front office was thinking.

At least Haslam made a switch during the season in the Browns general manager.   Hopefully Dorsey will be able to bring in quality players, and the Cleveland Browns will win some games to avoid ever having another 0-16 parade.

With all this behind us now, lets all hope as fans, Cleveland will finally turn this thing in the right direction.

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