Rob Chudzinski could already get the label of a head coach that can’t win the big game. Why you wonder, he is the guy who was calling the plays in 2007 when the Cleveland Browns needed a win over the Bengals to move on.

This time around Chudzinski is the head coach and he had 2 weeks to have his team prepared to go to Cincinnati and get a win over the Bengals. The Browns beat the Bengals this year and they held them to just 6 points.

In this game, the Browns special teams had 2 punts blocked and one was returned for a touchdown. The Browns imploded on special teams, when this happens to your football team, nothing good can come out of it.

When was the last time you can recall a Browns team getting a punt block, let alone 2 in one game? This is unthinkable. When your team has a punt blocked, your chance of winning is greatly reduced.

Chudzinski and his offensive coordinator needed to make some serious adjustments at half time. Did they do this? No, they completely failed to find a way to make the Browns a competitive football team in the second half of the game..

Turner couldn’t figure out a way to get the Browns offense moving with any regularity and he is the guy that should be held responsible for that.

Jason Campbell had poor pass protection all game long and this contributed to him having to throw to his check downs throughout the game.

It was almost like someone forgot to tell the Cleveland Browns that the bye week was over. Other than the Browns defense this team looked like they were still on vacation against the Bengals.

Chudzinski has a lot of learning to do before he becomes a dominant head coach in the National Football league. Turner should be ashamed of himself for the way his offense performed in the game, or should we say didn’t perform in the game.

The Browns have no excuse for how poorly they played today. This is inexcusable for a team with 2 weeks to prepare for a game. This has always been Cleveland’s problem. They are too laid back.

Even when they have a big lead in the game, they relax and let their opponents back into it. The Browns need to learn how to go for the jugular.

How a team can struggle to get the ball into the end zone as often as the Browns do when they are in the red zone should be the 8th wonder of the world.

It doesn’t matter who the quarterback is this team needs to find a way to make touchdowns when they have 1st and goal.

The lack of coaches that can properly evaluate talent, amazes me. Bobby Raining the running back the Browns let go, rushed for 160 yards today.

What do we have for a running back? A 33 year old guy who can’t even practice with the team all the time because he has to rest his knees. Unacceptable is what this is. Completely unacceptable.

This 41-20 loss is just as much a coaching loss as it was the teams loss. You have to be better prepared than what Chud put on the field today.

Chudzinski has to be better at getting his Browns ready for a big game than what we saw today. This too is completely unacceptable.


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Readers Comments (26)

  1. ozymandais

    it was one real bad game a few plays were freak accidents but we were bound to have a real bad game eventually i thinki ive seen enough of the staff to kdedp them around for awhile.Keep building and they will improve i think we finish 7-9 still lets not go crazy we all knew campbell cant make big time throws cuz he is backup we draft a QB next year a Linebacker so tight ends dont kill us and sign a free saftey and this defense is impenetrable we are super young so honestly as opposed to alst year this loss dosnet hurt me near as much

    • DC84

      Really a FS? We have a good one in Gipson, I grant you Robertson needs to go. QB will be drafted, Campbell OR Hoyer will start again next year while we groom someone for NFL caliber level and I am ok with that. Free Agency needs to be focused on getting Ben Tate or some caliber runner and let McGahee walk. Why isn’t Ogobonnaya the starter with Whitaker has a change or pace?

      • LG

        Gipson is a beast, one of the best guys in the secondary for sure…….

  2. marty

    LG, This was a game that was digusting. They showed on tv the cinci players laughing at the browns.I agree on most of your remarks. The defense played a good game. The coaching was flat out terrible. Jason was always looking short. The offensive line didn’t play as bad as you make it.Jason showed alot of indecivenious. His passes was way off target.This was embarrising, we are headed for the basement. This was not a team loss.Cinci didn’t play that well–Cleveland played that bad.

    • Col D

      First I am a Bengals fan but love the Browns. If it were up to me the Browns would be 14-2 every year. That being said, this one was on the coaches. The team talent is what it is. It is up to the coaches to get the most out of it. I dont know what kind of plays/routes Chud was calling but they seemed to be all “Go deep on 3″. One of the Bengals’ biggest weakness is the secondary. Their strength is the front seven. Chud should have called more slants. Make Adam Jones cover…he cannot. But to expect Campbell to just sit there and wait on the pass rush is suicidal.

  3. Don

    I said the team that makes the fewest mistakes will win this game. The Browns made enough mistakes in this game to last a season.
    They better get their head out of their ass at practice this week because the Steelers are coming to town next Sunday and they are now tied with the Browns in the division. Another loss and they are in last place which of course is where they are every year. WFNY

  4. Anonymous

    a good friend of mine made a t shirt for the browns back in the 90′s cleveland browns a tuff team from a tuff town should be a chump team from a chump town pittsburg is going to stomp a mud hole in your ass how stuiped am i i am still a browns fan the t shirt guy passed away but still believes

    • Anonymous

      Pukesburg can’t stomp a mudhole in nobodys ass

  5. felix DeAngelis

    Isn’t this the same website that praised Chud last week? Chud is and is going to be an outstanding head coach but he can only be as good as his players skill sets are. We still need offensive lineman that can run block and do a better job of pass blocking. Just look at what Bobby Rainey has done for the last two weeks for Tampa Bay no less. Until we have a very good OL, we will continue to be mediocre, no matter who the QB is.

    • LG

      We aren’t completely knocking him, we are a little surprised at the performance that took place in Cincinnati however. And by some of the talent he let go especially with what we are seeing the running backs do.

  6. ozymandais

    i see gipson lost in coverage at times and dropping 5-6 picks this year maybe im asking too much but jaris byrd is a free agent next year i beleive the team laid an egg it happens the staff has been good most of the year im just not gloom and doom jets lost so we are still on pace three teams with a shot at that wild card and we tied baltimore , we play pitt twice and we play NYJ once clean it up and its not over just yet

  7. JohnnyV

    Its really very simple – The Browns are not a very good football team. Ya gotta admit, with all of the upcoming draft picks and room under the salary cap (plus Weeden won’t be a factor) the future looks pretty decent.

    It’s easy to be a critic. It takes a lot more talent to dig out the positives, run ‘em up the flag pole and salute ‘em.

  8. Stiv Marley

    SOB! Same old Browns! “ozymandais” are you smoking the funny stuff? Playoffs, what a joke. If you really thought this team is a playoff team, you are smoking the funny stuff. I said it three or four weeks ago. Who in the hell is evaluating the talent? If all of you really want to make a statement, let the stadium go empty for the rest of the season. Do not renew your season tickets. Stop the insanity!!! LG, you seem a little irate in your writing style? Are you upset at what you saw?

    • LG

      Very upset with what I saw. I really thought this team was going to beat the Bengals yesterday. The last thing I expected was for all these mistakes (2 Block Punts) to put a nail in our chance to win.

      • ozymandais

        well when 2 block punts result in 14 points and a fumble for a td its not likely to happen also what im smoking is numbers and we are not out of the playoff hunt agaisnt other teams that have done the same thigns we did all year, underacheived do i think we will actually make it probably not, but i dont think a 7-9 record is out of the question if any fans really though campbell was going to come in and throw all over the field your the one smoking stuff. We Draft a QB and he makes those harder to make throws to gordon and cameron We arent a great team but to but the bad moniker on this team after a freak game is exactly what gets the browns into switching coach’s every 2 years and in a wheel of failure , Overreacting Whats next new Owner Coach and Gm since they have been given so much time and a plethora of talent

  9. ken

    this game was the game that would put the Browns into the relevancy column. once again they are now further pushed down with the who care teams. this game was enormous and meant a close to shared lead of the division but also put them into a vitual wild card tie. it was a game that meant so much to the Browns and their fans. to lose that way yesterday was embarressment beyond words. where was the creativity from Norv? Is Campbell a guy that can’t perform in big games. Special teams…really??? now here come the new life Steelers to town…from what could of been total excitement has now turned into one team on the rise playing one team that met its demise yesterday….yesterday meant so much…

    • LG

      You’re right Ken, it is hard to believe what we saw in this one. I truly though the Browns would win this game. They forgot how to play over the Bye Week. This was the worse showing this team has had this season.

      • Brownie

        Face it the Bengals had a better gameplan. Just hang around and let us beat ourselves. I am not the optimist that ozymandais is, I still see us as being three or four years away.

  10. Swarming Defense

    Weeden’s fault. Didn’t have his Browns hat on backwards.

  11. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … your rant was a little too overblown.

    first , this is one of the best coaching staffs we’ve had around here since 1999. now , the special teams coach will definitely take some heat after this game. adjustments ?? … what adjustments are you going to make down 31-13 & the bengals protecting against the deep ball ? the short pass was there in the 2nd half , that’s it.

    campbell had a horrible day … you obviously have to stick with him & hope he turns it around against pittsburgh.

    can’t lament about rainey not being here … he’s gone now. ogbonnaya was doing fine yesterday until they got so far behind & had to abandon the run. RB will obviously be addressed in the draft or free-agency.

    chalk -it-up as a bad day … this team is not as good or bad as most make it out to be.

    • LG

      Yep a terrible day you’re right TB2 I was expecting so much more in this game.

    • HC3

      Ogbonnaya would not even be on the practice squad on most teams. Why are we wasting time on this guy at rb and fb.

      • LG

        I wondered the same thing when they kept him.

  12. muttklingon


  13. Horton

    It sure started good but that was about it. Campbell looked pretty bad but I’m tired of hearing how Hoyer is the 2nd coming and would do so much better, we have no idea. Campbell looked great against the Ravens.
    This team didn’t look prepared,Swartz still looks terrible.
    The Bengals defense bullied the Browns offense, they won the game.

    • Brownie

      Well said Horton. It’s pretty bad when we get out-coached by Marvin Lewis. They exploited our deficiencies and abused our OL. It wouldn’t have mattered if Kosar was quarterback they bullied us all day, it got in our heads. Campbell had to check down because he barely got his feet set. That happens when you are trailing and have no threat of a running game.


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