Chris Antonetti should be firedChris Antonetti  the man who played a very large role in the Cleveland Indians failed season number 2 in a row has talked about Terry Francona and all the success that he has had as if Antoneti himself knew what success was in major league baseball. This guy is one of the worse General Managers in all of Major League Baseball. The Indians should be looking for a replacement for Antonetti as well as a new manager. The Indians just sat on their hands as if magically the Indians were going to return the the form they had in the first half of the season.

If Antonetti knew what the hell he was doing he would have convinced his boss and the Indians owner that the Tribe needed to make a move. If Francona had any balls he would point out all of Antonetti’s short comings while he is in the interview room with the powers to be at Progressive Field this afternoon. The loyal Indians fans were completely taken by surprise when Acta was fired and they didn’t send Chris Antonetti  with him. This guy should know when his team is in trouble. He saw the exact same collapse happen during the 2011 season. For him and his staff not to make any meaningful moves during the off-season was an insult to the Indians fans. It is no wonder the Tribe lead the way in low attendance.

Antonetti showed the good people in Cleveland just what level of incompetence he possesses, this guy for the second year in a row couldn’t imagine the Indians couldn’t get it done with the players they had. The Indians paid Sizemore 5 million to do nothing. They paid Hafner 13 million to do very little. Then Antonetti doesn’t get why the Indians aren’t in the play-offs. Get rid of this under-developed front office worker and bring someone in that knows how to get his guys to work…

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Ron

    I agree. For what reason did they keep this guy around anyway for so long?

    • Tim

      Hey Ron I think maybe this guy must work pretty cheap and is Shapiros yes man.


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