Chip Kelly screws the CLeveland Browns

Now that you see Chip Kelly taking a head coaching job in the NFL, it should be clear that he never wanted to seriously come and coach the Cleveland Browns. Kelly led on both Jimmy Haslam III and Joe Banner, he went as far as making a dinner engagement for the following night with the Browns staff. Then, he stood them up. Kelly clearly used the negotiations with the Cleveland Browns as a tool to gain a larger bid from the Philadelphia Eagles.  Kelly showed up the billionaire and his buddy from the city of brotherly love, Joe Banner.

Now that Chip Kelly put on the act as though he was going to stay at Oregon and after the Browns hired a head coach, Kelly comes out and takes the job with the Eagles. he passed up the DAWGS for a date with Michael Vick. Can you believe that? Chip Kelly deserves Michael Vick, the two are a match made in heaven. I wish them both all the luck in the world. One thing we all learned is Chip Kelly is not a man of his word. The Browns don't need another guy that is incapable of keeping his word. Cleveland is far better off without Chip kelly...



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