Chip Kelly screws the CLeveland Browns

Now that you see Chip Kelly taking a head coaching job in the NFL, it should be clear that he never wanted to seriously come and coach the Cleveland Browns. Kelly led on both Jimmy Haslam III and Joe Banner, he went as far as making a dinner engagement for the following night with the Browns staff. Then, he stood them up. Kelly clearly used the negotiations with the Cleveland Browns as a tool to gain a larger bid from the Philadelphia Eagles.  Kelly showed up the billionaire and his buddy from the city of brotherly love, Joe Banner.

Now that Chip Kelly put on the act as though he was going to stay at Oregon and after the Browns hired a head coach, Kelly comes out and takes the job with the Eagles. he passed up the DAWGS for a date with Michael Vick. Can you believe that? Chip Kelly deserves Michael Vick, the two are a match made in heaven. I wish them both all the luck in the world. One thing we all learned is Chip Kelly is not a man of his word. The Browns don’t need another guy that is incapable of keeping his word. Cleveland is far better off without Chip kelly…



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  1. RB

    Hope all is well with you LG. Though I was initially disappointed with Kelly passing on the Browns, I’m happy with Chud and excited at the possibilities. I believe the Browns will be well served by the new staff. I am anxious for an announcement on the offensive and defensive coordinators so I can start my formulating my free agency and draft thoughts.

    In reference to your stadium article, I have no problem with him selling the naming rights. He is within his rights to do so.

    Have a good one.

    • LG

      I think it is going to be exciting to have a Browns fan as the head coach. I just hope he can win…

  2. mb

    We are better of with CHUD anyways………

  3. Becky Killion

    WHAT a loser……I hope Phillie sucks.

  4. LazyDawg

    Chip Kelly is a tool! The only reason he is taking the NFL job is because of the sanctions that will be coming down on Oregon and he is not man enough to handle it so he ran. You watch, as soon as the sanctions are lifted he will run back to Oregon because I truly believe he will not be able to make it as a head coach in the NFL. Typical college coach with no NFL experience trying to make it in the big leagues.

  5. blackflag

    just watch…this will be a another carroll fleeing from the college ranks to the nfl as the ncaa cracks down on the coaches former college

  6. butxh

    when the tenured time life for a Cleveland Browns head coach is 2 years why would any sane coach wany the job.

  7. mike

    I agree that Chud will be a great fit for the Browns. Having an ‘attack attack attack’ style offense is what we need. With Chud and Norv on the offensive end is going to be HUGE i think. We have to use all that speed and talent we have on offense and be AGGRESSIVE with play calling but smart at the same time. If we play our cards right , watch out…..make a big splash in free agency…………..have a smart draft…..if we are switching to 3-4 defense…….take jarvis if he is still at 6……..if not grab the best available DE. GO BROWNS !

    • LG

      Free agency???? What is that? DO we believe in Free Agency in Cleveland?

      • tigersbrowns2

        good point , LG … if mr. haslam & banner decide to do things the “pittsburgh” way , then don’t expect any big splashes in free-agency.
        it’s about drafting well & coaching-them-up.

        a good CB , good WR & a good S are needed … and if we switch to a 3-4 defense then the LB depth must be upgraded. this obviously can be achieved both in the draft & free-agency.

        i am hearing to seahawks are willing to listen to offers for matt flynn.
        what’s your take on this ?? … do you think chud can work with weeden & mccoy , or is QB going to have to be upgraded ?

        • LG

          I think we need a good linebacker no matter what D we play. We need a guy who can play in space. The Browns D still had some difficulty stopping the run…

      • Mike

        LOL – Well we have second most cap space in the league and new ownership with Haslam…….HOPEFULLY Haslam will be willing to reach into that pocket…..which i have no doubt that he will. He’s already getting things ready for a stadium make over. But Haslam’s a smart guy….im pretty sure he knows a new stadium and jerseys doesnt mean **** if the teams bad. Id like to see cliff avril…….wallace….jennings signed. And i dont know if anybody else saw but they signed kent richardson from the arean league. yeah i know its the arena league but his stats the past year were AMAZING.

        • LG

          I sure hope they take advantage of some good free agents. I know the past front office really felt building through the draft is the best way. There is a lot to be said of bringing in some free agents to show the tricks to the youngsters too….

  8. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … i too was originally disappointed kelly passed on the browns … after chud was hired , i couldn’t have been happier .

    it’s called kharma … and i believe we are better-off with chud as our guy. he is a browns fan , wants to be here & this is his dream job.

    this may be sticking my neck out a bit , but i will predict here & now that chud will be the head man for a MINIMUM of at least 8 years. the days of starting over every 2-3 are finally over … i believe mr. haslam brought the “continuity” thing with him from pittsburgh.

    our day is coming …

    GO BROWNS !!!!

    • LG

      TB2, I am hoping you are correct….

  9. ABrown

    While the glow is still on the new hire it’s probably dangerous to bring up some possible problems. But, after reading comments from the sports writers in Carolina, I think Chud played us, too.

    He over saw a disastrous season in 2012 that almost got the whole staff fired. Now everyone is in win or else mode.

    Chud needed this job to get out of Carolina and it looks like he told Haslem and Banner whatever they wanted to hear.

    Meanwhile, in Carolina, there’s a strong sentiment that it’s good he’s gone. Here’s a link:

    The complaints about Chud are that he stubbornly stuck with his offense and took a half a season or more to fix problems. He insisted on calling his own plays and made little attempt to develop Newton’s skill with audibles. He seriously underused the skilled and highly paid running backs. He had trouble closing out games for wins. And despite what we have been told, he didn’t do a very good job of adapting the playbook to his players.

    Apparently, many fans are glad he’s gone and believe he rode Newton’s incredible physical talent and exaggerated his role in Newton’s success primarily to get a head coaching job.

    None of us is going to be happy if TR doesn’t get good carries this year. Weeden will be a disaster if Chud gives him his complicated playbook. No one will be happy if we see the same failure to fix problems that we saw with Shurmur.

    Chud looks like he could be a short term solution but a long term disaster when you review his track record for second years in charge.

    Finally, there’s a lot of evidence that Chud has made very little change in his offense since he was in Cleveland last. Derek Anderson appears to be his football crutch, the guy who knows his playbook and the guy Chud wants in charge. I believe he is planning to bring Anderson back to Cleveland to start.

    I hope I’m wrong. If I’m not, that heart warming story about little boy Chud watching televised Cleveland games in the snow could get really old in a hurry.

    About the coaching search, I think Haslem was serious about finding a good coach, but I think Haslem and Cleveland got played despite good intentions. And until things change some more in Cleveland, we may still have a hard time convincing good coaches to come here.

    • LG

      It is going to get real interesting isn’t it ABrown?

      • Matthew

        Yeah Chuds last year with Carolina wasn’t stellar but when you look at the whole resume it’s worth HC consideration. I think we dodged a bullet with not getting Kelly. Our offense was not suited to run what he wants to. Chud and Norv had success with a Charger team that had very similar offensive pieces in place. A highly talented, multi-purpose running back, a strong arm pocket passer, and a solid offensive line. The only thing missing is that vertical TE, and hopefully Chud can develop Jordan to be that guy since he is known for his TE coaching. All and all, still cautiosly optomistic. Whatever defense we run, your right LG we need to add some linebacker helpto stop the run, and definitely an edge rusher. Solid QB pressure always makes pass coverage easier.

        • LG

          Well, come this April we will see if the Big Guys calling all the shots see it our way too….

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi ABROWN … good post.

      any problems with the panthers this last year should fall on ron rivera , not the OC … chud will be the fall-guy as head coach if things don’t work out well … i think he’ll do fine.

      don’t believe everything you read about kelly & chud … haslam & banner are smarter than that … they know what they’re doing.

      i believe what we’ve witnessed the last 2-3 years at the qb position leads me to believe this position , more than any , needs to be upgraded.
      as a new coach & an offensive minded guy , chud may be thinkin’ the same thing. but if he brings in derek anderson many browns fans will wonder about chud right out-of-the-gate.

      • LG

        TB2. I have a inside source with the Panthers. You probably think I am making this up but I am not. I know first hand that Chud had some problems with some players in Carolina and they lost games becasue of some of Chuds actions.

        • tigersbrowns2

          hi LG … you would never make stuff up … would you ??

          i am sorry , but the head coach is ultimately responsible for all
          going-ons on any squad.

          now , i will say this … i believe chud has ALOT of “jimmy johnson” in
          him. which means he is going to come across as a hard-ass most of time.
          chud is going to be tuff on these boys & it obviously can go two ways …
          one , players aren’t going to like it , especially if they don’t start winning … and two , if they do start winning , nobody is going to care how he gets it done … just freakin’ win.

          maybe this is exactly what our young squad needs … obviously haslam &
          banner thought the same thing.

          • LG

            TB2 what is that suppose to mean? I make things interesting….

      • ABrown

        TB2, I’m just using the sports writer as an example. My concern comes from what I saw happening with the team, players, and offense this year in Carolina and what happened in Cleveland after Chud’s first year.

    • Bob

      Good post. Agreed. I think the Chud hire happened because they got turned down by many for possibly many reasons. Haslam is a new owner, Banner not the best reputation. The talent or lack of. Weeden?

      The big story was how he was a big fan and the 2007 season with the Browns. Really, that’s the best they could come up with. Well I remember the 2008 season that a lot of the Cleveland media is ignoring.

      Again, I didn’t see the Panthers in this year’s playoffs. Now Derek Anderson, who is just as bad in the media as Weeden thinks he’s coming back? Now Michael Lombardi may come back. This is change? Rehashing?

      Now I have asked this before and no one gave the answers to the following questions. I know you know the answers ABrown:

      What NFL team has the record for the most consecutive quarters without an offensive touchdown & what was the year?

      Who was the offensive coordinator for the NFL team that has the record for the most consecutive quarters without an offensive touchdown?

      • LG

        Bob we know it was the 2008 Cleveland Browns breaking the previous record of 22 quarters without a touchdown when they went 24 consecutive quarters without scoring an offensive touchdown and the O.C. was none other than the Cleveland Browns new head coach Rob Chudzinski…..Probably why 2009 Chud was working for the Chargers…..

        • ABrown

          Thanks for that info, Bob and LG. It certainly puts the new hire in perspective. I’m starting to believe that we really are cursed.

          One possibility is that Chud is a better HC than OC and Turner, who is clearly a better OC than HC, will be making most of the decisions on offense. I’m pretty certain Turner wouldn’t want DA unless he’s forced to take him.

          Most people are thinking that Turner likes a QB with a strong arm, so automatically he will like Weeden.

          I don’t think that’s necessarily so. Turner likes football IQ, good decision-making, and accuracy with some mobility thrown in. As a longtime Cowboys fan, I can say without a doubt that Colt McCoy is a whole lot more like Troy Aikman than Brandon Weeden will ever hope to be.

          So maybe the coordinators will save us and Chud can be in charge of flim flam or PR as head coach and motivation.

          • LG

            Is that wishful thinking on your part ABrown? I think Weeden is done. The Browns Hired Lambardi who made public comments about Weeden not fitting the Browns

  10. Bob

    Maybe if they had a GM in place, Kelly would have been vetted and Haslam & Banner would have not been chasing him down in Arizona fawning all over him. Banner should have known better.

    Also what was the deal with putting McCoy’s name out as the starter if Kelly were to be with the Browns, especially the story of Banner telling McCoy he was in Kelly’s plans? If McCoy had nothing to do with that story and if he was not promised something already for next year, then that stinks to put McCoy in that position in the press. Seems McCoy has been through a lot with this team already after the way the concussion was handled, Shurmur/Holmgren blackballing him and now this. If I were McCoy and had nothing to do with that story, I would ask for a trade or a new agent.

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi BOB … i would think you have to put a new coach in place BEFORE you hire a gm.

      to get a “big name” coach who wants total control of roster moves , you don’t really need a gm , but more of a personnel director. i think most teams want to put the coach in place first & then decide if they need a gm or a personnel director.

    • ABrown

      Bob, you’re right. Banner should have known better. And you’re also right about McCoy.

      Here’s a clip of pass receptions by MoMass that someone posted to another discussion. The poster said he watched the clip without looking at the QB number and was thinking that Weeden really had improved his long passes.

      Then he looked closer and saw it was McCoy.
      Here’s the clip and don’t miss the 56 yard perfect pass thrown on the run and under pressure –

      McCoy has plenty of arm strength to succeed in the NFL plus the football IQ. Shurmur’s campaign to blame McCoy for 2011 has fooled a lot of people who should know better than to trust Shurmur’s decision-making.

      And if Cleveland doesn’t want to use him, I think there will be a place on another team for a QB who can play like Russell Wilson in the same offensive schemes.

  11. Matthew

    … Never trust a man who sports a visor.

  12. Bobby D

    Never wanted him from the get go. You can check my posts. I hope the nfl sanctions him and prevents him from coaching for a year like they did Tressel.


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