The Kansas City Chiefs are willing to trade the first pick in the 2013 draft. The Cleveland Browns want to trade Brandon Weeden. If Weeden would get the Browns the 1st overall pick in the up-coming draft he would already be cleaning out his locker in Berea. If I am Michael Lombardi I would deal him to Kansas City so fast he wouldn’t have time to slip his Cowboy Boots on. The Cleveland Browns could right the wrong that former team president Mike Holmgren laid on the City Of Cleveland before he finished robbing Randy Learner by forcing Tom Heckert to pick Weeden with the Browns 2nd pick in the 2012 NFL draft.

Lets face it folks. The Cleveland Browns have let so many players go over the years that could have built the team into winners it stopped being funny years ago. Just a couple of drafts ago the Browns pass over a guy by the name of Julio Jones, look what he has done in the NFL. Then we could have taken a guy by the name of Tom Brady that the Browns passed over. The Cleveland Browns don’t necessary suck at football, they suck at evaluating talent. If the team would have just read the articles contained on the Cleveland Sports 360 site and picked the players I have talked about drafting we would already be winners and we wouldn’t be stuck trying to figure out what to do with Weeden now.

One thing is for sure, there is no way the Browns will be able to pull the wool over Andy Reid’s eyes. He saw Weeden at his worse in the 2012 opener at the Browns Stadium. He probably would suffer from a hiatal hernia from laughing to hard if the Browns even asked the Chiefs to take Weeden for the number one overall pick in the draft. After watching Weeden finish the game against the Eagles with a 5.2 quarterback rating, Reid knows that Brandon Weeden doesn’t carry the kind of clout it takes to gain a number one draft pick.

Lets face it folks, Bernard Madoff couldn’t pull this deal off with Weeden.


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  1. Anonymous

    I see you took a thing I had posted back in mid season, this past season.

    • LG

      What are you talking about?

  2. RB

    LG. Here’s a novel idea. Let’s trade McCoy instead. Considering how outstanding a QB he was in college, I’m sure the Chiefs might even be willing to give up 2 first rounders to get him.

    What team wouldn’t? He’s a leader. He’s a motivator. He has talent. He’s mobile, and he has a 6 -15 record as a starter in the NFL.

    So how about an article lambasting McCoy because noone will gime the Brows a first rounder for him? I’ll answer that for you. It’s because the Brown’s can’t get squat for him. Could it be because the consensus throughout the NFL is that Colt McCoy is, at a minimum, no more desirable in the NFL than Brandon Weedon.

    The more realistic anser would be that the Browns are more than likely going to get rid of one of them and the teams are waiting for them to just release them.

    Another arguement to your logic is that the 49ers aren’t going to get a first round pick for Smith. He’s certainly, on paper is worth more than Weeden and McCoy.

    Anyway, everyone have a great day. I get to slip and slide to work this fine morning. Be safe all.

    • Really?

      2 First Round picks for Colt McCoy? Not even the Browns would fall for that trade.

    • ABrown

      Andy McNamara for Bleacher Report did an article recently rating the trade value of players the Browns might trade and McCoy had higher value than anyone else, not number 1 overall pick after the way he’s been mismanaged in Cleveland, but higher than anyone else.

      And in a recent rating of 65 QBs who played in the NFL this year, McCoy was the highest rated Browns QB. McCoy 28, Weeden 45, and the 3rd QB at 52, I believe.

  3. RICK

    I agree we aren’t gonna get squat for either one of them, but with all the positive articles about Colt maybe the Chiefs will buy into it because the Browns don’t seem to be listening.

  4. Brian

    LG ,
    If the Browns got rid of Weedon , You would’t have anything to write about.
    For god sakes give it a rest already.

    • LG

      Hey we got to talk about something during the off season. May as well be the wasted number 2 pick the Browns threw away…..

      • Anonymous

        I think you will eat your words about Weeden this year! McCoy sucks! Everyone but you knows it. You have got to be the worst Browns fan I have ever seen

        • LG

          Hey I am a real Browns fan, one that won’t settle for a crap team. Why should we? Just so we can call ourselves a Browns fan? How about winning for a change…..

          • tigersbrowns2

            … i’m all for winning too.

        • ABrown

          When you’re going to rag on someone like that, it’s time you man up and use a real name “anonymous”.

          And give us a link to that article you say you wrote a few months ago. Back up what you say.

        • Bob

          Is that you Denny Dice? Where have you been?

  5. zack

    Give weeden one more year hell 5 more games and he will have every
    one eating their words

    • LG

      Do you really think so?

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi LG … i know you have already written him off … i still have hope for him too.

        • RB

          As do I. With the QBs currently in the Browns stable, I feel Weeden gives us the best opportunity to succeed.

  6. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … anything can happen … i would think reid would want mccoy before weeden too … who knows for sure.

    neither is worth a #1 pick , however , let’s say reid did want mccoy … you send mccoy to KC , switch 1st round picks this year & we would probably have to give up our 1st round pick next year.

    or mccoy , or even weeden for that matter ,could be had for a later round draft pick.

    i don’t think sending anyone on our team to KC , or any amount of picks will be worth trading up to the #1 slot … they will want way too much.

    stay at #6 or trade-down if that is the strategy.

  7. Dan B.

    Please, give me a break. We got some good players for the Jones trade and as far as Brady goes, please, NE got lucky, there is no way they knew he was going to be as good as he is, the proof in that is where he was drafted, 32 teams passed on him 5 or 6 times before he was drafted.

    • ABrown

      But only 6 were looking for a QB, and the Browns were one of those teams.

      So you think we got good players for Julio Jones — a receiver that most scouts now rank alongside Calvin Johnson?

      We swapped 1st round picks in 2011, but the players we got with the extra picks Atlanta gave us were Little, Weeden, and Marecic. Little is a pretty good player but no where close to Julio Jones. Weeden ranks 45th in the league as a QB. Marecic is out of the league.

      This just doesn’t look like “some good players” to me.

    • Bob

      I rather have had Julio Jones.

      • LG

        Me Too

  8. tigersbrowns2

    hi ABROWN … your last post to me read …

    “bottom line is you will twist & hedge & make excuses for weeden’s substandard play & diminish another player’s accomplishments so weeden looks better … are you two related ?”

    - if you have been been paying attention since i’ve been posting on this forum , i am one of the few weeden backers that has admitted his downfalls & bad play … i am usually the 1st to post the day after he had a bad game & admitted to his poor play … i also graded him out at the end of the season & he did not get a favorable grade from me … LG can attest to these claims.

    - yes , i do try to present weeden in a positive way … anything wrong with that ? you do the same for mccoy … true ?? you can not even admit that he has any weaknesses or flaws … true ??

    - and lastly , i have NEVER diminished anything mccoy has ever done & I have NEVER said anything derogatory about him … when i tell you “the bottom line is STILL mccoy is 6-15″ … that is the truth & is not derogatory … and when i do say it you always try to paint a pretty little picture around it on why he is 6-15 … isn’t this hedging ??

    i will support mccoy next year if he ends-up being the starter … can you say the same if weeden ends-up the stater ??

    • RICK

      TB2, Good post I agree 100% I don’t care if Colt is the starter next year or if Weeden is the starter or if someone else comes in. I think we have the coaching this year that might make the difference.

      • LG

        Right lets win at least 9 games next year. Don’t get me wrong I would take 10 but 9 gets us a winning season.

        • tigersbrowns2

          heck , even 8-8 would be a great stride compared to what we’ve been doing.

          • LG

            I would settle for 8-8 but I would rather see 9-7 then we could intelligently say we had a winning season.

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi RICK … i am mostly excited about ray horton & his agressive style.

        if he can field a top-10 defense & the young talent starts coming around on both sides of the ball, there’s no reason we shouldn’t start being successful , regardless of who is playing qb.

        have a good one …

      • Bob

        I have no faith or reason to believe in Chud. Why?

        What is the NFL record for consecutive quarters without a offensive td?

        The 2008 Browns with 24 quarters and no TD under offensive coordinator CHUD.

        I don’t believe the Panther fans will miss Chud either.

        • RB

          I feel it safe to say that Chud has more than likely learned a great deal since 2008.

          • Bob

            Not according to some Carolina fans and articles.

  9. Stiv Marley

    Imagine that, LG with another bashing story of Brandon Weeden. If you are as smart as (you) think you are, you should have interviewed for Lombardi’s job. Are you a Browns’ season ticket holder? If you’re so disgruntled about how the Browns’ front office functions or doesn’t function, go to them and plead your case. If McCoy is so great and the current front office is not so high on him let’s trade him to the Chiefs and get something good for him.

    • LG

      we will see who the best qb is this season. No way Chud not laying the best guy

  10. Daniel Jones

    Get off of Weedens case,the team was exciting to watch all year even with a raw rookie at signal caller,ok he played scared but thats something seasoning could correct.Very few Qbs come into to league as stars from the beginning,what the franchise needs to do is show some stability and take the time to gel and grow together,the winning teams dont reassemble thier roster yearly,we are at the point that a few pieces:pass rusher,cornerback,guard would be enough to forward growth.Give the guy a chance to compete against McCoy in training camp and go from there.If were the best fans in the league we should have patience and belief and stop using Browns issues as our crutch,be responsible for yourself and let the team be our diversion,Holgren started the build thru the draft process now we need to continue forward to championships.You airchair Qbs need to get a clue,peace-DJ

    • LG

      He has always played football scared. That is the major malfunction with this guy. That is why I think he will fail….

  11. Bob

    As I stated above I have no faith or reason to believe in Chud because he was the offensive coord. when 2008 Browns had 24 quarters with no TD. That is a NFL record for consecutive quarters without a offensive td. Not a proud record of course.

    Personally I feel they should have a competition between Weeden, McCoy & Lewis. But I don’t think that will happen at all. I even think DA will be back sad to say There is even an report today basically saying McCoy & Weeden are on the trading block. Just as I expected.

    IMO Bringing in Alex Smith, Flynn, Moore or even DA are not upgrades. In fact, they can actually be setbacks because the team as a whole have to get use to ANOTHER NEW QB. That’s hard for a team.

    This is going to be interesting watching the QBs move around the league this year with not much talent in this years draft.

    LG – maybe down the line you can do an article on why we should believe in Chud because I don’t. I also don’t care that he was a lifelong Browns fan.

    • RB

      I welcome bringing Moore in. We need another body for the competition. I don’t want to give up a draft pick to get Smith (though San Fran may have to cut him or they’ll be paying 8 million to a backup next year and all the other teams know that). Flynn does nothing for me. Not thrilled about DA either.

      I will give Chud the benefit of the doubt. I’m guessing Haslam will give him at least 3 years Bob before he places much pressure on him. As long as improvement is seen, I think Chud will be given the opportunity.

      • Bob

        We will see.

  12. rtBrown

    I swear LG is a female, because only LG and females think Colt McCoy should have started over Weeden this season. Constructive criticism is far more effective then whining because you’d rather start the QB who is limited to 20 yard passes. Grow up.

    • LG

      Geez, I guess we are letting any ass’s in these days. You have the I.Q. of a freaking ant….

    • Bob

      Hey rtBrown

      Myth about McCoy not being able to throw long. If he was not able to throw long he would not have been a QB at the high school level.

      So, why don’t you grow up and do your “constructive” homework, check out McCoy’s passing stats before making a fool out of yourself and then stop your whining.

    • ForEverABrownsFan

      rtBrown If you think that LG or anyone that puts McCoy over Weeden is a woman, then your the kind of person, that picks up she-males downtown lol.

      I, for one, am not a chick and I for another believe that Weeden is a far worse QB than McCoy.

      Lets just see who is still around as QB after sring camp lol. Weeden’s dats are numbered.


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