The Cleveland Browns have the greatest fans in the world. There is no doubt when these fans learned of Jimmy Haslam III was buying the Cleveland Browns, their hopes were elevated to a new level since the team returned to the NFL in 1999.

The team hasn’t lived up to the reputation that fans like Gary Slagle, of Savannah Georgia have grown to love. People like Gary spend thousands of dollars of their own hard-earned money,only to be disappointed year after year by all the losing.

It doesn’t matter to guys like Gary, they are die-hard Browns fans. You can see by the picture in this article that guys like Gary live to see the Browns play every season.

Their hopes are elevated when training camp starts, soon after the first few game they can see there is nothing different about this Cleveland Browns football team, than the ones that have taken to the field since 1999.

Does it matter to die-hard fans like Gary? Sure it does, they would love to see the team they love have a winning season. Their disappointments grow season after season. But they will never turn their backs on the team they love.

No team is loved more by their fans than the Cleveland Browns. Gary’s man cave proves he has backed this team and there is little chance of him turning his back on them.

Gary has been a die-hard Browns fan since 1978. He is one of the lucky fans that remembers the competitive days of Browns football. Gary was able to see Bernie Kosar, the quarterback who took the Browns to the play-offs. He remembers red right 88 and the fumble and the drive.

He would like nothing more than his Browns to return to a competitive team that can compete to win the division. Will it happen with the current ownership in place?

That is the question fans like Gary Slagle and everyone else want answers to. The Browns still don’t have a head coach. They aren’t going to bring someone in to Cleveland that is going to be able and waive a magic wand and turn this team into winners.

It isn’t going to be easy to watch and the Browns begin another rebuilding year. The team could be 3-4 years away from being a real competitor.

But one things for certain, guys like Gary Slagle will be in their man caves watching the team they love every time they take to the field. Even from Savannah Georgia, people can he the cheers coming out of people’s homes.

The Browns owe it to their fans to get it right. No team has ever taken this long to produce consistent winning seasons. The Browns are lucky to have fans like Gary. They have been patient and they have made people rich by traveling all the way across the country to come to Cleveland and attend games.

The team needs to make it right this time around. Can they? I wish I could honestly answer that question. But for fans like Gary, I certainly hope they do.

Gary was originally from Green Springs, Ohio. He was in the United States armed forces and took his love for the Cleveland Browns all over the world before settling down in Savannah Georgia. He would like to see a winner and so would I.

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