The Cleveland Cavaliers drafted two guys Irving and Thompson this past draft, they are hoping can help Cleveland get some more wins this season. After the mess the Cavaliers had last season getting more wins could come easy this year, it depends on how healthy the Cavs players stay this season. With Irving and Thompson signing their contracts some might think the Cavs can turn it around quickly with the two new young players. I say not so fast.

The NBA is a much different game than college hoops. Thompson and Irving are going to have to get use to the pace of the games and the physicality of NBA playing. The NBA has only so many teams whereas  every College has a team, some better than others of course.  Only the best get a chance to take their talents to the NBA. Now you’re numbering the players. For all those college players that make it to the NBA there are hundreds maybe even thousands that don’t.

There is no doubt Irving and Thompson are going to contribute for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The question is how long will it take. The Cavaliers open their pre-season next Friday against Detroit. With the lock out shortening the season it is off to the races right away. I for one hope we get a good look at both Irving and Thompson next Friday night.

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