Byron Scott needs defense The Cleveland Cavaliers dropped a heart-breaker last night in Phoenix, Cleveland looked great in the first quarter,then they started to show signs of one of the pieces Scott has yet to put in the puzzle. The Cavaliers failed to play defense. Cleveland had a problem playing defense last season too, they let a 21 point lead they built-in the first quarter gently start sliding away. The other piece of the puzzle Scott’s team has missed started to show up soon after that, turn-overs. The Cleveland Cavaliers turned the ball over 20 times last night and only lost the game by 2 points 107-105. Just think if Scott  can figure out where and how to find those two missing pieces.

This Cavaliers team would be on fire this year. The Cavaliers have some good young talent on the team, if Scott can teach them to protect the ball and play a little more defense this team has the makings of a real winner. This order can be filled if Scott can get his team to focus on those 2 problems for the entire game. The Cavaliers did show signs of being able to do that last season and  the coach needs to get them re-focused this season.

The Cavaliers have only played 6 games this year, Scott has to address these 2 issues before the season starts to run away with losses. The Cavaliers have shown they can score a lot of points they just need to limit the points they are letting their opponents are scoring. If this young team can find a way to get that done they are going to be contenders. Come on Byron Scott, lets get this done sooner rather than later….

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