By Mike Russo

NBA draft day 2012 just around the corner and all of Cleveland is hyped over who to grab at pick four. Draft day is always important in Cleveland seeing as we are always high in the order but dont always make the best picks. Cleveland is consumed with Michael Kidd-Gilcrest or Bradley Beal and don’t count out Harrison Barnes or Andre Drummond.

I will give you the dream scenario for us Cavaliers fans. We currently sit with picks four and 24 in first r  ound. This draft is deeper than I can remember so it is huge to hit. We have trade pieces like Daniel Gibson and Anderson Varajao. I know I know I love Andy too. He has missed most of last two seasons
get value now. Booby is in the same boat value is still reasonable in this league.

Now to the draft. The abilities with these four pieces that I mentioned are insane. We have picks four and 24 and Andy and Booby. So lets use these as
weapons to gain ground on our opponents. Without further ado my draft day dream. All of which technically can happen.

Though MKG and Bradley Beak seem to be the top prospects on everyone’s minds in Cleveland Ill pass. This draft is deep. Move one I give up four and 24 and a first rounder next yr to get Portland’s pics at six and eleven. This gives us less of a jump to take Jeremy Lamb at six. Lamb offers great size and range. He has the ability to create his own shot with his above average ball handling. His wing span is that of a 747 with tremendous defense as well. This can be our shooting guard of the future.

Now while I’m trying to get back into the first round at around pick 17 from Minnesota, at pick eleven I grab Tyler Zeller. This kid is way underrated a true seven footer. Good ball defender a decent amount of post offense. He can get up and down court fast for a big and is well rounded due to staying in school four years. This takes pressure off any non center we have.

Now the big move I trade Booby, Andy and next years other first round pick to Minnesota for Johnny Flynn (back up to Kyrie) and their 17th pick. With that 17th selection I choose Terrance Jones if still available as my new power forward. He is already better than Tristan Thompson offensively and has just as big of an upside on defense. Another lengthy defender with inside and outside shooting ability. His game is alot like Chris Bosh only he is stronger and more physical on defense.

This situation tho gives away two long time Cavaliers and next years entire draft puts the Cavs in a great spit for the future. Starting five I envision is PG Kyrie Irving, SG Jeremy Lamb, SF Alonzo Gee, PF Terrance Jones, C Tyler Zeller I think that will set us for the future and be ready for playoff runs after next season. Thanks for reading. Follow me on twitter @ClevlndsCapo21 enjoy the draft.

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Ken

    This idea is horrible. First off, you don’t need to give up an additional 1st round pick next year to trade picks with Portland this year (and if you did you can consider yourself out of the league ASAP). Flynn isn’t going to give you to much more than what Boobie gives right now. Zeller will be like all of the current big men from UNC (nothing special). Honestly Terrance Jones can’t create his own shot which was proven when their point guard went down. It would be foolish of the Cavs to give up next years draft plus two players on the current roster for any of the picks you suggested. If it doesn’t pan out like you suggested, they would have to wait two years before they can add any quality draft picks, and if they could get back in the draft they would have to give up even more. That’s not a dream draft, it’s a nightmare.

    • Mike Russo

      Ken u aren’t a clear thinker. This is no nightmare. Terrence Jones is a PF its not often he needs to create a jump shot. However in the low post he has way more moves and whereabouts then Thompson so u stick w/TT Ill go w/a future all star. As for Flynn he offers much more than Booby most importantly he is a PG not some small guy playing SG guard cuz he can’t D up PGs and he has no clue about dribble penetration or assists. Flynn is a real PG who offers similar shooting ability and will come off the Ben h. As for Zeller just cuz most big men from UNC fail doesn’t mean he will almost all previous bits from UNC left after a year maybe 2 and I said the same thing about any Duke player till Battier then said it again till Kyrie some have it some don’t. We are talking about 109 division 1 teams w/ about 15 players each translating into 32 NBA teams w/12 man rosters hard to evaluate all that talent. Zeller is also a true center. For Portland to come off 6 n 11 we will need more than 4 and 24 they would move up 2 and drop q13

  2. Joe Smith

    I think you have covered the draft very well. Now all the Cavs have to do is follow your advice and maybe, Just maybe they put a winner on the court….

  3. Colin

    This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. First off, these ideas are terrible, but that’s obvious. Hell, I thought it was a joke due to the numerous spelling errors (which a simple Google search would fix). However, there’s more:

    1. JONNY Flynn (no h) plays for the Trailblazers, not the Timberwolves.

    2. The Timberwolves don’t own the 17th pick, the Mavericks do.

    3. Even if you wanted to trade for the Wolves pick, its not possible. The Wolves moved their pick (which was 18) to Houston for Chase Budinger. This happened literally happened 2 days ago.

    4. So to sum up, you just tried to trade two of the team’s best assets (Varejao and NEXT YEAR’S FIRST, which is probably the dumbest thing you could possibly do) to a team that not only doesn’t have the player you want, but doesn’t own the pick either.

    I won’t get into the moves themselves, just know they are awful. This is more of a nightmare scenario than a dream scenario. Thank God you aren’t the GM.

    • LG

      Hey Colin, thanks for taking the time and reading and re-plying to the article. Remember nobodies perfect……Cut the guy a little slack he wrote a good article….

  4. Bret H.

    I would love for this to happen. We need to start fresh. Kyrie is talent that if built around correctly will create a perennial division champ and the chance for deep playoff runs. The Cavs have started rebuilding on the right foot and I hope they can keep it up…tonight will tell.


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