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Misny Makes Them Pay To Throw Out First Pitch

Cleveland area power house personal injury attorney Tim Misny to throw out first pitch at today's Indians Game.  When Tim isn't making them pay believe it or not he takes time to ...

Tim Misny Make Them Pay Is Now Making You Pay

For a T-shirt that is.  Many people around the northeastern Ohio community know Tim Misny makes them pay, what many don't know is that Tim Misny has a heart of gold.  Tim ...

Who Should The Cleveland Cavaliers Go After In The Draft

Recently I was asked by someone who the Cleveland Cavaliers should go after in the draft.  My reply is this...... Boy, it is a little early and I don’t know who is ...

Answer To Brad’s Question About The Cleveland Cavaliers Future

Brad, I agree in that I don’t see a big named player coming to the Cavs in the near future. But the players that we acquire through the draft and free agency ...

Going from having the best record in the NBA for the last two years to the worst

Holy smokes!  Going from having the best record in the NBA  for the last two years to the worst, is a tough, tough pill to swallow, particularly in light of how LeBron  ...

Until the Browns have an owner who lives and dies Browns football

“Organizations win and lose. The reason why the Pittsburgh Steelers have five Super Bowl Championship rings and the Browns have never been to the big show is because of  the ownership. When ...

Tim Misny Thanks CS360

I am extremely delighted to have this opportunity to contribute my opinion's to Cleveland Sports 360.  As many of you know, I have been representing the injured victim for well over three ...

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