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Cleveland Browns

Johnny Manziel

Did the Cleveland Browns place Manziel in the NFL Concussion Protocol to cover up his drunken arrival to practice?

A source very close to the Cleveland Browns, informs me the team used the NFL concussion protocol, to cover up Johnny Manziel's drunken arrival to practice last Wednesday morning. Manziel reportedly arrived ...

Jimmy HAslam III

Does Jimmy Haslam III think the average Browns fan is too dumb to know the difference? It work at his truck stops.

Jimmy Haslam III, just hired a guy out of Major League Baseball. The Cleveland Browns just hired Paul DePodesta. He is a baseball executive with 20 years of major league experience. DePodesta ...

Johnny Manziel
What will Sashi Brown do with Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel who failed to show up in week 17?

Sashi Brown the man who Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III named V.P. of football operations has one heck of a problem on his hands. Johnny Manziel failed to show up at ...

Jimmy HAslam III
Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III is absolutely clueless on how to build an NFL football team & he’s at it again.

It's a wonder the owner of the Cleveland Browns, Jimmy Haslam III is a billionaire. Thank God his father made a ton of money, and J.H. 3 was born into it, otherwise ...

Mike Pettine
Should the Cleveland Browns keep Mike Pettine as their head coach allowing him to make coaching changes?

Mike Pettine, head coach of the Cleveland Browns says if he is allowed to keep his job, he would make coaching changes. Pettine who has lost 17 of his last 20 games, ...

Joe HAden
Are some of the Cleveland Browns players using the concussion protocol not to play?

The Cleveland Browns are among the leaders in concussions. Johnny Manziel is the latest player on the Browns, to enter the Concussion Protocol. With that being said, some are left wondering if ...

Chip Kelly
The last thing the Cleveland Browns need is Chip Kelly as their head coach. He snubbed the team before.

Chip Kelly rumors are starting to swirl around Cleveland. The Browns shouldn't stoop to the level of hiring a head coach that snubbed them before. Now that Kelly is out of a ...

Manziel against the Chiefs
Manziel is going to have a major problem trying to be the Cleveland Browns starting QB.

Johnny Manziel is a huge hit with some fans. However, he is going to have a major issue playing football in the NFL. The Browns have given him an opportunity to start ...

Joe Thomas & Alex Mack
Browns see Joe Thomas & Alex Mack returning to the Pro Bowl, what a joke these two selections are.

Believe it or not the Cleveland Browns will have Joe Thomas and Alex Mack representing the team at the 2016 Pro-Bowl. The AFC must have needed a couple of linemen, who couldn't ...

Johnny Manziel
Manziel’s magical moments didn’t exist in Seattle, resulting in the Browns losing their 11th game of the season.

Johnny Manziel wasn't able to find the same success against the Seattle Seahawks, that he had against the 49ers a week earlier. Manziel's numbers weren't very impressive against the Seahawks who have ...

Manziel hitting himself with tablet
The Browns beat the 49ers with Manziel at QB and his supporters are ready to build the statue.

Johnny Manziel was able to lead the Cleveland Browns past a very bad San Francisco 49ers football team. Manziel did with the help of a very solid running game. The Browns rushed ...

Gary Barnidge
Cleveland Browns TE Gary Barnidge signs 3-year extension, says he wants to be there for turn around.

Cleveland Browns tight end Gary Barnidge, signed a 3-year extension with the team. Barnidge said he wants to remain with the team for the turn-a-round. He met with team owner Jimmy Haslam ...

Johnny Manziel
Oh Boy, Johnny Manziel is going to play QB for the Cleveland Browns,what difference can he make?

For the second time in the last 3-weeks, the Cleveland Browns have named Johnny Manziel their starting quarterback. The Browns have 4-games left to play in the 2015 NFL season, and Manziel ...

Joe HAden
What are the Cleveland Browns hiding in regards to Joe Haden?

Joe Haden is not playing football for the Cleveland Browns. Why not? Do you the reader still believe Haden is suffering from concussion type symptoms? Haden is supposed to be the Browns ...

Mike Pettine
Mike Pettine’s Cleveland Browns don’t even resemble an NFL Football team losing to Bengals by 34 points.

Mike Pettine, head coach of the Cleveland Browns, has his team looking less like an NFL team each week. The Browns  fall to 2-10 on the season, after suffering a loss to ...

Jimmy Haslam III Ray Farmer & Mike Pettine
Five reasons the Cleveland Browns are the most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL.

The Cleveland Browns returned to the NFL in 1999, and they still can't get it right. Why, the fans wonder? There are five reasons the team can't be successful, and why after ...

Josh McCown
Browns Josh McCown becomes the Ravens punching bag on Monday Night Football.

Cleveland Browns quarterback, Josh McCown had the hell knocked out of him on Monday Night Football. The Cleveland Browns offensive line could do little to protect the 35-year-old, who got the start ...

It’s Thanksgiving 2015 & the Cleveland Browns have very little to be thankful for.

Here we are, it's Thanksgiving day 2015, and the Cleveland Browns are still an embarrassment to the city of Cleveland. This year, the Browns are 2-8 with 6-games left to play. The ...

Mike Pettine
Mike Pettine is a pathetic excuse for a head coach of the Cleveland Browns..

Mike Pettine has the Cleveland Browns winning just 2 of the 10 games they've played this season. The Browns are worse in Pettine's second season, and the team lacks any kind of ...

Johnny Manziel
Johnny Manziel gets the start & the Cleveland Browns were beat by the 8-0 Cincinnati Bengals.

The Cleveland Browns started their first round draft pick Johnny Manziel against the 7-0 Cincinnati Bengals. The result wasn't pretty as Manziel complete only 15 of his 33 pass attempts, for 168 ...

Johnny Manziel
Can Johnny Manziel go into the Jungle and lead the Cleveland Browns to a win tonight? 2 guys he must avoid.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel will get a shot at redeeming himself tonight. The last time Manziel started against the Cincinnati Bengals, things didn't go his way. The Bengals beat the Browns ...

Johnny Manziel
Why is Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine so reluctant to start Johnny Manziel?

What is it about Johnny Manziel, that  Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine despises?  Even with Josh McCown barley able to breath, Pettine still didn't want to name Manziel the starter heading ...

Joe Thomas
Ian Rapoport reporting the Cleveland Browns want more than a 1st round pick for Joe Thomas.

Just moments ago Ian Rapoport sent out a tweet saying the Cleveland Browns want more than just a first round draft pick for their all pro tackle Joe Thomas. With the NFl ...

Joe HAden & AJ Green
Browns CB Joe Haden won’t play against the Bengals Thursday night so we won’t have to see Green burn him.

The Cleveland Browns defensive secondary will play another game without their so-called shut-down corner Joe Haden.  Joe is back in the concussion protocol, and once you walk through that door, it takes ...

Jimmy Haslam III Ray Farmer & Mike Pettine
Is it Jimmy Haslam’s goal to destroy the Cleveland Browns? First he hired Pettine,then he names Farmer GM.

When Jimmy Haslam III bought the Cleveland Browns fans thought things were going to be different. The team quickly changed front office people, and the coaching staff . Then the front office ...

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