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Cleveland Browns

Johnny Manziel

Rumor has it Johnny Manziel wants to sit out 2015. The Cleveland Browns couldn’t be that lucky.

Cleveland Browns QB, Johnny Manziel wants to sit out the 2015 NFL season. According to rumors and sources close to the young QB, Manziel doesn’t want to play in the up-coming season. ...

Jordan Cameron

Former Browns TE Jordan Cameron stressed that Tannehill was the determining factor with his signing in Miami.

You can now add the name, Jordan Cameron to the list of professional football players who couldn’t wait to get  out of Cleveland and away from the Cleveland Browns. Even though reports ...

Buster Skrine & Tashaun Gipson
The Cleveland Browns must resign Buster Skrine & Tashaun Gipson.

The Cleveland Browns certainly aren’t looking like a team with a powerful offense, heading into the 2015 NFL season. They are going to have to get it done with their defense. If ...

Josh McCown
Browns new QB Josh McCown wants to come to Cleveland to grow as a football player and help the team win games.

While many fans of the Cleveland Browns are still in shock over the Josh McCown deal, the 12-year-veteran wants to come into Cleveland and continue to grow as a football player, and ...

Cleveland Browns new logo
The Cleveland Browns continue to compound their mistakes, this time it’s the Josh McCown signing.

Once again the Cleveland Browns have reached into the depths of you have to be freaking kidding me. This time they signed Josh McCown, to a 3 years deal, worth about 5 ...

Marcus Mariota
Will The Cleveland Browns trade up to draft Marcus Mariota? They could be making another mistake if they do.

Will the Cleveland Browns seriously trade up in this years NFL draft to take Marcus Mariota? There is plenty of talk about that happening. But it may not be the smart thing ...

Ray Farmer & Jimmy Haslam III
Is Cleveland Browns GM Ray Farmer quickly becoming Jimmy Haslam III’s fall guy?

Did Ray Farmer want to be the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns so bad, he let it block his better judgement? IS Farmer quickly becoming Jimmy Haslam III’s personal fall guy? ...

Johnny Manziel
Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel has checked into a rehab program.

When the Cleveland Browns used their 22nd pick in the NFL draft on Johnny Manziel, they had no idea what they were getting. The Browns are finding out the hard way. Manziel ...

Seth Meyers
Seth Meyers jokes, “NFL awards show will last longer than Johnny Manziel’s career with the Cleveland Browns will”.

Cleveland Browns quarterback, Johnny Manziel becomes brunt of the joke during the NFL Awards show. Seth Meyers, the comedian who rose to stardom on Saturday Night Live, said the NFL Awards show ...

Josh Gordon
Do you feel sorry for the Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon after reading his letter?

The Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon, took to writing a letter to his critics. In the letter, Gordon makes more excuses, about why he was caught drinking and all the other ...

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving scores 55 points to help the Cleveland Cavaliers win their 8th game in a row….

While LeBrown James was resting Kyrie Irving went to work,, scoring 55 points to help push the Cleveland Cavaliers past the Portland Trail Blazers, to win their 8th game in a row. ...

Josh Gordon
What are the Cleveland Browns going to do with Josh Gordon after failing another NFL drug test?

Reports about Josh Gordon failing another NFL drug test are out. This time Gordon reported tested positive for alcohol. I know, alcohol shouldn’t be considered a drug, and there are plenty of ...

Haslam & Cardale Jones
Is it possible for Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III to talk Cardale Jones into the 2015 NFL draft?

If there is one thing we know about the owner of the Cleveland Browns Jimmy Haslam III, he is one smooth talker. He talked his way out of going to jail  in ...

manziel partying
The Cleveland Browns must own their mistake and terminate the contract of Johnny Manziel. He has zero respect from team.

When the Cleveland Browns used the 22nd pick, in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft, on Johnny Manziel I knew it was a terrible mistake. I didn’t have any idea, ...

Brian Hoyer
One day after the Cleveland Browns signed John DeFilippo, they are talking to Brian Hoyer’s camp about a contract extension.

“Muddy at Best.” That’s how the brain trust of the Cleveland Browns see the quarterback situation, heading into the 2015 season. I find it very interesting, the Browns are trying to now ...

John DeFilippo
Browns hire Mike Pettine’s friend John DeFilippo who will soon find out Johnny Manziel is no Derek Carr.

The head coach of the Cleveland Browns has hired his friend, John DeFilippo too run the team’s offense. DeFilippo comes to the Browns from the Oakland Raiders who finished their season at ...

Cleveland Browns
The Cleveland Browns have already lost 2 Offensive Coordinator candidates who in their right mind would take this job?

The Cleveland Browns are still searching for a new offensive coordinator. We have to wonder if the thought of working for the Browns is offensive to some. 2 of their perspective candidates ...

Cleveland Browns
Who will the Cleveland Browns hire as their new offensive coordinator? Meet the candidates.

The Cleveland Browns have compiled a list of possible offensive coordinators. The coaches included on the list are, Marc Trestman, John DeFilippo, Anthony Lynn, Chan Gailey, Bill Callahan and Scott Linehan. With ...

Mike Pettine
Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine said his first year success was due to hiring the right assistants. Now his OC is gone.

When the Cleveland Browns hired Mike Pettine as their new head coach, there were a lot of questions about how well this guy would do. Pettine came into a situation that wasn’t ...

Kyle Shanahan
Is Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan running from the Cleveland Browns front office or Johnny Manziel?

The Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan wants out of Cleveland. We have to wonder if he is running from the Browns front office, or the teams wasted draft pick Johnny Manziel. ...

When do you think the Cleveland Browns will have enough of Johnny Manziel’s shenanigans?

In the latest news, Cleveland Browns quarterback, Johnny Manziel flipped the finger to some fans that were telling him he sucked. By now it is obvious Manziel is a punk, who doesn’t ...

Brian Hoyer
Should the Cleveland Browns resign Brian Hoyer?

Ray Farmer and the Cleveland Browns have some serious thinking to do when it comes to Brian Hoyer. Should the Browns resign the veteran or not? Hoyer gave the Browns more wins ...

Ray Farmer
Cleveland Browns Gm Ray Farmer failed miserably in his first NFL draft as the G.M..He gets a solid F.

When the Cleveland Browns, cleaned house and named Ray Farmer General Manager at the end of the 2013 NFL season, there was hope the Browns were moving in the right direction. After ...

Mike Pettine
Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine said Manziel at QB is not very encouraging, Has he seen the light?

The head coach of the Cleveland Browns Mike Pettine is less than thrilled with the play of the team’s first round draft pick Johnny Manziel. When talking about the quarterback position for ...

Jimmy Haslam III
Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III has had his fill with irresponsible players like Johnny Manziel.

The Cleveland Browns finished their 2014 season with a losing record, and owner Jimmy Haslam III has had enough with irresponsible players. Haslam made a statement after the Browns loss to the ...

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