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Cleveland Browns

Browns Joe Thomas

Cleveland Browns Left tackle Joe Thomas says “Brian Hoyer has the It factor.”

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer is not only getting praise from Kyle Shanahan, left tackle Joe Thomas is also singing praise about the local home town boy. Thomas has seen plenty of ...

Johnny Manziel

It’s time to stop with the Johnny Manziel on the field distractions. The Cleveland Browns offense doesn’t need him at this point.

The Cleveland Browns should stop interrupting the flow of their offense, by putting Johnny Manziel into the game. Head coach Mike Pettine, was right when he said he didn’t want to force ...

paul kruger
3 Keys for the Cleveland Browns to beat the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday.

Here we are, week 3 of the NFL season, the Cleveland Browns are coming off a huge win over the New Orleans Saints and the Baltimore Ravens are their next opponent. The ...

Brian Hoyer
Browns QB Brian Hoyer is getting his teammates to elevate their abilities with him as their quarterback. That’s how to win in the NFL.

When the Cleveland Browns were dumb enough in this years draft, to trade away the pick that could have brought Sammy Watkins to Cleveland, fans were stunned with amazement. Especially already knowing ...

Joe Haden
Browns CB Joe Haden has some work to do if he wants the title of shut-down corner in the NFL.

For the second week in a row, we have seen Joe Haden get burned. Haden wants the title of Shut-Down corner in the NFL. But really, has this guy really earned it? ...

Brian Hoyer
Browns QB Brian Hoyer gets the win over the New Orleans Saints in Cleveland’s home opener. This doesn’t happen often.

The Cleveland Browns behind the arm of quarterback Brian Hoyer, beat the New Orleans Saints in Cleveland’s home opener. The Browns have only won 1 home opener before, since returning to the ...

Mike Pettine & Kyle Shanahan
Can the Cleveland Browns beat the New Orleans Saints. Yes they can but it is going to take mistake free football.

This Sunday the Cleveland Browns will open their home 2014 NFL season against the New Orleans Saints. The Browns can win this game, if the avoid the mistakes that could cost them ...

Josh Gordon
Could Cleveland Browns WR still sue the NFL? Gordon says; “it is being dealt with by my lawyers and my agent.”

While the Cleveland Browns and their fans are waiting to see if the NFL reinstates wide receiver Josh Gordon, he is waiting to see if his layers are going to file a ...

Jordan Cameron
Good news for Browns TE Jordan Cameron MRI shows no structural damage in shoulder he is now day to day.

Cleveland Browns TE Jordon Cameron underwent an MRI. He reported there is no structural damage to his shoulder. He is now listed as day-to-day. The Browns and their fans were hoping Cameron ...

Josh Gordon
NFL team reps to vote on new drug policy today, could the Cleveland Browns have Josh Gordon back to face the Saints?

Could the Cleveland Browns have Josh Gordon back in time to play against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday? It is starting to look like a very real possibility. The 32 player ...

Justin Gilbert
Can Justin Gilbert turn into the shut down CB the Cleveland Browns were hoping for? He needs a lot of work.

When the Cleveland Browns used their 1st pick in the 2014 NFL draft on a corner back, they had to be hoping to bring a guy in that would be a shut ...

Brian Hoyer
Browns QB Brian Hoyer showed he has what it takes to start in the NFL.

Coming into the 2014 season, the Cleveland Browns faithful were wondering about Mike Pettine picking Brain Hoyer over their first round draft pick Johnny Manziel at the quarterback position. In the Browns ...

Cleveland Browns
If the Cleveland Browns defense showed up in the first half against Pittsburgh we would be talking win today.

When the Cleveland Browns opened their season against the Pittsburgh Steelers, not many thought they could win. The first half had people wondering if the Browns were going to go 0-16 this ...

Can the Cleveland Browns had Ben Roethlisberger his second loss since he became the starting QB for the Steelers?

The Cleveland Browns will start their season today, against a quarterback that has only lost once against the Browns. Cleveland’s defense has to apply pressure to Roethlisberger. If the Browns can get ...

Gary Slagle
With the Cleveland Browns about to open their 2014 season, one fan begs Jimmy Haslam III not to have a losing season.

The Cleveland Browns will take on the Pittsburgh Steelers, to open their 2014 NFL season. With that being said, one life-long Browns fan is begging team owner Jimmy Haslam III, not to ...

Kyle Shanahan
Browns OC Kyle Shanahan says Johnny Manziel was worth 1st round pick. Why did 21 other teams pass him by?

While the Cleveland Browns new rookie quarterback is out applying for trademarks, his offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan was busy telling the media what a great first round pick Manziel was.  Shanahan is ...

The Cleveland Browns
The Cleveland Browns part ways with Rex Grossman & found a way to resign QB Connor Shaw.

In a move that saw the Cleveland Browns part ways with QB Rex Grossman, the team also found a way to resign Connor Shaw. Shaw thought he did enough to impress the ...

Garrett Gilkey
Browns final 53 man roster includes 12 defensive backs but they couldn’t find a way to keep Garrett Gilkey. Is this a mistake?

The Cleveland Browns will go into the 2014 regular season with 12 defensive backs on their final 53 man roster. Yet they didn’t think they needed to keep offensive lineman Garrett Gilkey. ...

Connor Shaw
Can Connor Shaw survive the Cleveland Browns final cuts?

Today at 4:00p.m. Est. The Cleveland Browns have to announce their final 53-man roster. One guy who is hoping he proved his worth to the team is quarterback Connor Shaw. Shaw was ...

Leon McFadden
It’s time for the Cleveland Browns to part ways with CB Leon McFadden.

It is time for the Cleveland Browns to part ways with corner back Leon McFadden. He is too much of a liability on the Browns defense.  His inability to cover receivers is ...

Browns Bunch
Johnny Manziel Looking pretty good against 3rd stringers. Too bad that scrambling won’t work 90% of the time against elite NFL starters.

The Cleveland Browns let Johnny Manziel run wild last night against the Chicago Bears in their last preseason game of the 2014 season. Manziel completed only 6 passes in 17 attempts. But ...

Josh Gordon
The Cleveland Browns banished wide receiver Josh Gordon seeks team’s permission to play in the CFL.

When Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon said he loves the game of football, he wasn’t kidding. According to a recent report in Sports Illustrated, Gordon is seeking the teams permission to ...

Ray Farmer & Mike Pettine
Farmer & Mike Pettine dropped the ball in dealing with finding the Cleveland Browns a Josh Gordon replacement.

The Cleveland Browns must have lived in dreamland this season. Both Ray Farmer and rookie head coach Mike Pettine, had to know wide receiver Josh Gordon was going to be suspended. So ...

Mike Pettine & Kyle Shanahan
Face it folks, Mike Pettine and Kyle Shanahan don’t have the maturity to run the Cleveland Browns football team.

The Cleveland Browns can’t seem to improve their football team. No matter how much talent GM Ray Farmer brought to Cleveland this off-season the defense looked terrible in Saturday’s loss to the ...

Mike Pettine
Mike Pettine has his Browns fans hoping that the pathetic football they are seeing is a decoy in the preseason.

The Cleveland Browns don’t look like a very good football team. Once again the fans are starting to think, it is more of the same. Some are hoping, new head coach Mike ...

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