The Cleveland Browns take on the New York Jets Sunday, this means the team will face their former player Kellen Winslow Jr.

Winslow was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2004 and he played for Cleveland until 2008. He never lived up to the hype that surrounded him in Cleveland and the Browns got rid of him.

Winslow is using this week to get ready to face the Browns, as an opportunity to do what he does best. Run his mouth. If Winslow was a great at playing football as he is about talking about how great he is, he wouldn’t be on his third team in the NFL and he would have a longer deal than the one year deal the Jets gave him.

Winslow is saying no one on the Browns defense can cover him. He is asking the question; “Who’s going to guard me over there? Nobody.”

He went on to say; “That’s how I feel, and that’s how I play the game. That’s how you gotta play the game. You’ve just got to play the game, and that’s all.”

He better worry about his knees letting him play the 4 quarters of football this Sunday. You might recall he has had knee problems since he was stupid enough to have a motorcycle accident in 2005.

Then he suffered a staph infection and criticized the Browns for the way they handled his injury. Why criticize the team for the why they handled his injury?

It was because of his own stupidity the injury took place, it was a self inflected injury because Winslow wanted to be the next Evel Knievel on a motor cycle.

He’s lucky to be able to play football and you have to wonder how many illegal substances he uses to get ready for the game. He served a 4 game suspension this season because he broke the rules by using a banned substance and now he wants to taunt the Browns defense about how they won’t be able to cover him.

Typical Kellen Winslow crap, his bark is much worse than his bite.

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Dave

    If it were Kellen Sr., there be a legitimate concern. But this is just Kellen Jr.. In this case the apple DOES fall far from the tree! Attitude and character issues ruined what could have been a career to rival that of his father’s.

  2. Ron

    It’s a longshot that the Browns have the capability to cover any half decent receiver consistently. Haven’t they already proved this? Anyway, who cares? The Browns are finishing off another disastrous season. The opportunity for improvement exists at almost every position.

  3. JB

    He’s right nobody can cover him because he is sitting on the bench.

  4. marty

    Our defense can shutdown anyone when they want to. ( Internal Problems ) Winslow is a spoiled brat and a cry baby. Just maybe he’ll get rattled!


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