In order for Brandon Weeden to be successful the Browns offensive line has to protect him. Sunday when the Browns open the season against the Miami Dolphins it is important that the line protects Weeden, we all know what happens to him when faced with pressure.

The Browns o-line has some great players that protected Weeden well in 2012, this season they come in with 2 guys that are questionable on the O-line. John Greco and rookie Garrett Gilkey are the 2 guys on the right side of the line that are going to have their hands full trying to keep the Dolphins front seven off of Weeden.

The Dolphins are supposed to have one of the best front seven in football this season. If the Cleveland offensive line can’t keep the pressure from Weeden, the game could get out of hand. Weeden doesn’t do well with pressure and by now all the NFL knows it.

The Browns offensive line is going to have their hands full trying to keep Weeden on his feet, of Greco and Gilkey can’t protect Weeden in the home opener he could panic like he does and make mistakes.

In last seasons home opener Weeden faced some pressure and made plenty of mistakes. If the Dolphins bring the pressure will we see the same kind of mistakes out of Weeden that we saw in last seasons home opener?

Lets hope not. To repeat the performance we saw out of him in last seasons opener wouldn’t be good. It doesn’t help that Weeden isn’t very mobile, if he could scramble around to buy himself some time it would help.

But Weeden is a guy with 2 left feet, they are glued to the field and it is unlikely that he will scramble. It is going to be interesting to see how the Browns offensive line protects Weeden against the Dolphins.

The team isn’t going to have it any easier as the month of September goes on, they face the Ravens in their second game and then it is the Vikings in the 3rd game. Weeden could be beat up if the O-line has holes in it.

Those holes could be Greco and Gilkey, for Weeden’s sake lets hope they are fast learners…..

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. JIM V

    hey LG, I will not take any credit for helping you with your article. I won’t even talk about betting dinner! Now were going to see something that has not been talked about if it has been I missed it were going to see what kind of a coach we’ve got? Ready? how many bad games will Wheedon have to have before Chud will pull him? or do you think were going to have. Just like the past seasons will stay with them no matter what! I think I know the answer but I hope I’m wrong!

    • LG

      I think if he has two bad games in a row Chud pulls him….4 at the most….

      • JIM V

        I hope your right! I wouldn’t give him more than 2

        • LG

          I hope so too. Maybe we are wrong about Weeden, maybe he is going to be a pro bowl caliber QB this season……..


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