Brando Weeden Colt McCoyThe Cleveland Browns drafted the 28 year old Brandon Weeden with the teams 2nd pick in this years NFL draft. Since joining the Browns there has been a lot of praise heading in Weeden's direction. Many don't recall Weeden was drafted by the New York Yankees to pursue a professional baseball career. Weeden left the Major leagues due to problems with his shoulder. If Brandon Weeden is named the Browns starting quarterback will he be able to with-stand the punishment that could be coming his way from the NFL defenses he will be facing?

Playing baseball and suffering shoulder problems is one thing. Playing in the NFL and taking hits to your shoulders by a 330lbs. defensive line-man who his falling on you as he sacks you is another thing. Weeden has been tagged by some college coaches he faced while playing for Oklahoma State as a guy who could be fearful of the hits. Some of these coaches expressed concerns about Weeden's happy feet when he is feeling the pressure.

You can bank on the fact, teams like the Steelers and the Ravens will be bringing the pressure to Weeden, pressure like he never faced in the College games he played in. This is the NFL, the speed of the game is faster, the defensive guys are bigger and quicker than college players and these guys love adding sacks to their stats.

Weeden is not the most mobile quarterback and he is going to learn quickly what is it like to take a hit in the NFL. The best of teams have had their quarterbacks sacked. The Browns offensive line has some great players on it, lets just say they are not in the great category yet. There are going to be new guys on the O line this year that never played a down in the NFL. If they can't give Weeden the protection he needs, the Browns could be in trouble.

Brandon Weeden's Shoulder problems should have been a major concern to Tom Heckert and the Cleveland Browns. Maybe the reason had harpy feet as these coaches descried is due to the fact that Weeden himself doesn't want to take the chance of taking the big hit to his shoulder. As we see these very large defensive players falling on Weeden crushing his shoulders to the ground, we will soon find out just how god his shoulders really are.

Lets hope for the Cleveland Fans, Weeden can take a large hit. There is little doubt they are going to be coming his way this season.




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