The Cleveland Browns open their season this Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. The team has only won one home opener since returning to the NFL in 1999. They have lost 13 of their season opener’s. Some think the home opener sets the tone for the rest of the season.

The Browns have a tough three game stretch in the month of September, they start against the Dolphins then face the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens and then the Vikings. The team needs to get off to a good start if they are going to have a winning season.

The keys to a victory over Miami will be able to control the tempo of the game. Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden has to get off to a fast start and he has to do it without his deep threat Josh Gordon who is suspended for the first 2 games of the regular season.

Someone is going to have to step up and make some big plays. If the Browns can avoid 3 and out when their offense is on the field they can control the game. Then this new Browns defense is going to have to do a better job of stopping the pass.

They struggled against team’s that like to throw the football. We all know the Dolphins quarterback likes to throw the football, if the Cleveland defense can keep pressure on the guy, they could get their offense back on the field.

The Browns defense is going to have to stop the Dolphins without the use of their number one draft pick Mingo who is out with an injury that hospitalized the rookie.

The key to a Browns victory will be Weeden avoiding mistakes and the Browns defense being able to stop the pass. If they can do that, there is a chance they could win the season opener. If they can’t it is going to be a long season.

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Readers Comments (26)

  1. jrustyo


    Basically I agree with your comments but find it odd that you do not mention Richardson by name as a key factor in establishing a ground game.

    If they don’t it will be tough to accomplish what you want Weeden to do. It can’t always be all Weeden all the time. With a thin roster of running backs (after Richardson) I will be watching to see if Browns can establish a balanced attack.

    • Chiefdiver

      It can’t always be all Weeden all the time? When has it EVER been Weeden?

  2. Chrig

    Mingo wasn’t going to be a starter anyways. If there’s any place we have depth right now, it’s with our DB’s. They’ll be just fine without him for a few games

    • Adam

      Mingo isn’t a DB

      • LG

        Who said he was Adam?

    • Tom Wynne

      Buster Skrine starting again…more clutching and grabbing=key penalties=GOOD GRIEF!!!They needed to draft another NFL caliber corner…shame on the draft gurus

  3. keith

    The answer to your question is yes.

  4. Don

    The Browns had a kicker in preseason that scored the only points they had against Indy.
    and they were long kicks. So what do they do? They cut him and sign a guy that his longest tenure with any team was two years. Will wait to see how many games they loose by three points because of the kicker.

  5. John

    The fish are going to put up at least 35pts. Wait and see

    • LG

      You think so? Then the Browns need at least 36

    • Dave M

      Never happen with their OL v our front seven

    • RICK

      John, They couldn’t put 35 up in preseason I don’t know how you think that. They might score 17 if they don’t get smothered by the pass rush.

      • LG

        Rick have you noticed how terrible the Browns defense looked in pass coverage? It better be good at rushing the passer otherwise they could put up 35…

        • RICK

          LG, We haven’t showed the pass rush that we are capable of so I think we will have a few surprises for the fish.I don’t think they’re good enough to put up 35 on our defence regardless.

          • LG

            Rick it isn’t the pass rush I am concerned about. It is the pass coverage or lack there of a pass defense, do you think we held that back too?

          • RICK

            LG, We all know we are weak at corner but pressure changes things.We will soon see.

          • LG

            I think from what I saw in the preseason we are also a little weak in the line-backers dropping back into coverage Rick. That concerns me just as much as the DB’s

          • RICK

            LG, You must have missed the Robertson coverage 15 yrds down the field to mention one instance. I think we have good speed at linbacker position and we will see real soon if our linebackers are weak. I think that they are a strong suite on the team. Time will tell that just my opinion.

          • LG

            You’re right Rick, we will see come Sunday…..

  6. jackrabbit21


  7. superdouche

    yo dave its obvious you have been watching nothing but those fins who lost 3 of 5 I may add our d is going to wreak havoc on poor mr tannihill 2 pic min 4 plus sack and so many hurries he will think he has to piss all day we will be the ones canning the fish on sunday gl with your crying :)

  8. t h

    So, what have you said in this article that is any different then any other team or any other game?
    The offense has to stay on the field. Someone has to step up and make big plays.
    The defense has to get to the quarterback.
    Gordon is suspended and Mingo is injured
    The only one you missed was…. the Browns have to score more points then the fins.
    What QB doesn’t like to throw the ball?
    What team doesn’t want to control the tempo?
    Jesus, Copy and paste this article about every other game this week and except for the names of who’s playing. It covers them all.
    Once again, excellent analysis by LG.

    • LG

      Hey thanks, glad you liked it….

  9. Muckster

    If we can’t beat Miami at home it will be a long losing season again!!!

    • LG


  10. Muckster

    Browns 28 Miami 17


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