Mike Holmgren Likes Colt McCoy Mike Holmgren has said he likes Colt McCoy. Then Browns go out and draft a quarterback after the team tells McCoy he is going to be the guy and Browns head coach Pat Shurmur says he has seen enough. The question now becomes can Holmgren give McCoy a fair shot at leading the Cleveland Browns this season? Some think the Browns are still trying to trade McCoy. Others think he will be the back-up quarterback. It is almost humorous to think the Cleveland Browns can right the ship with just a quarterback change.

If you look at last season, you have a team that needs much more than a new quarterback. You had a new head coach who had his own problems, you had receivers who couldn’t catch the football and you had an offensive line that at times was very offensive. Mike Holmgren has been in the NFL a long time, he has said on more than one occasion McCoy didn’t really have a fair shot, Holmgren also made the statement, this is the NFL.

It remains to be seen if the Cleveland Browns are going to be fair and give McCoy a shot at starting this year. Some have written the only way McCoy starts is if Weeden would suffer an injury in camp. That kind of thinking shows us the Browns have already in their mind given the starting Q.B. job to Weeden. It will be interesting to see how this thing unfolds for the Cleveland Browns and Colt McCoy. We will see if team president Mike Holmgren is a man of his word.

Tell us if you think The Browns will give McCoy a fair shot this season, leave your comments below……

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. marty stys

    I think management made their call by drafting weeden. Management will never admit a mistake. They will say it didn’t work as planned. I know Colt is a proven winner.Colt will be traded for one reason. to eliminate distraction to the team.If weeden fails, fans will want Homgren’s Head.

  2. GAS53

    You yourself hit the nail on the head above. It is not the Quarter Back spot that is the problem. If you look at the tapes of last year, the reciever’s dropped too many balls that should have been caught, not COLT’s Fault. Look at the tapes, the offensive front line was BASICALLY INVISIBLE!!!! Not Colt McCoy’s fault. If you look at the back field, they are the only ones that come close to playing the game called Football, other than Colt McCoy. So, after all said and done, YOU HAVE OR HAD THE RIGHT STARTING QUARTER BACK WITH NO HELP FROM THE REST OF THE FIELD AND IT DOESN’T TAKE A ROCKET SCIENTIST TO SEE THIS IF YOU LOOK AT THE TAPES!!!

    • Anonymous

      I think that one of the problems with the fans is They Dont Watch The Tapes. Colt worked his butt off last year and this is the thanks he gets? If Weedon is clearly better then thats fine… But Colt has earned the backup spot… No Questions asked!!!

  3. diehardbrownsfan

    Who the hell cares whether Colt got a fair shot or not. He’s still got a fair shot to compete right now. Like TH and MH has said in the past, You are always looking for improvement at every position, QB being no exception. I like what has been done so far and as much as I liked Colt, I see alot of good things from Weeden also… I am just hoping whoever they pick plays 16 games.

    • Old Coach

      @diehardbrownsfan You said….”I see alot of good things from Weeden also…”. Seeing as how Weeden has yet to take a snap in the NFL how did this occur? Do you have the ability to see into the future? IMHO GASS53 hit the nail right on the head. If McCoy had had some help and some players around him, it might have been a different story. I, for one, am afraid that the so called “quarterback competition” has been weighted in Weeden’s favor, meaning McCoy doesn’t have a chance at starting. I hope I’m wrong.

      • Anonymous

        There are alot of ways to evaluate a player’s quality’s, skill set and leadership ability, etc… other than taking an “NFL” snap.

      • diehardbrownsfan

        @ OLD COACH There are alot of ways to evaluate a players’ skill set, qualities, leader ship capabilities’, ect.. without taking an ‘NFL’ snap.


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