It is time for Pat Shurmur to put aside his dislike for the media and focus on avoiding going where no Browns coach has ever been before. The Browns need a win to get their season going and to avoid setting a franchise record of 12 straight losses in a row. I think Pat Shurmur is in over his head and he doesn't know how to manage the game as former legendary head coach Sam Rutigliano said. Shumur needs to get his Browns a win period.Pat Shumur Press conference

Shumur appears to be feeling the pressures of losing 11 games in a row. He has spent too much time calling and e-mailing the media about the comments they have been making and he has lost his focus on coaching the team. The Cleveland Browns will face off this Sunday against their rival Cincinnati Bengals who look to take their 5th win over the Browns in a row. The Cleveland fans are quickly losing all respect for Pat Shurmur and it is likely he will be replaced and seasons end. The last thing Shumur wants on his résumé is that he set the franchise record of 12 losses in a row.

The game plan has to contain plays that will keep the Bengals defense off-balance and Shurmur has to find a way for his Browns not to turn the ball over. If Pat Shurmur can't regain his focus on winning a football game and stop criticizing the Cleveland Media then he needs to go now. We all know new owner Jimmy Haslam III has said he won't make any serious changes until the season ends, if the Browns go 0-6 and set a new franchise record of losing 12 in a row, then Haslam could consider it the end of the season.

Shurmur is a poor game manager, he has to find a way to motivate his team and put a win on the board, anything less is past the point of unacceptable. The Browns need change now and Haslam knows that. Jimmy Haslam takes ownership next Tuesday and if the Browns lose this football game Sunday against the Bengals, he needs to fire Shurmur and make Mike Holmgren take over the head coaching job until the season ends.

The Browns don't need a head coach that can't focus on the team and forget about the media. They don't need Pat Shurmur as their head coach.

Can Browns Head Coach Pat Shurmur Avoid Setting A Franchise Record Of 12 Straight Losses?  Tell us what you think, leave your comments below...


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