We are within hours of other NFL teams being able to play “Lets Make A Deal” with the Cleveland Browns free agents. Players can talk to other teams commencing at noon today, the teams can’t present them a formal offer, until Tuesday of next week.

The Browns are one of the richest teams in the NFL when it comes to cap space. There are only two other NFL teams in the league with more cap space than the Cleveland Browns. Jimmy Haslam isn’t doing his NFL franchise any favors, by holding onto the extra money his Browns aren’t spending.

Since taking over control of the team in 2012, Haslam only has 9 wins to show for it. The Browns come into free agency with,  $49,918,501.00 dollars available, before running out of cap space.

The only teams ahead of them with more cap room are the Oakland Raiders and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

If we look at the records of these 3 teams, we can all see they pretty much sucked during the 2013 season. Between these three teams they combined for 12 wins last season. What did all that cap space do for these teams? Absolutely nothing.

Haslam needs to spend money to put a viable team on the field this year. So far this guy has talked about providing the good people of Cleveland a winner, but hasn’t even come close to doing it.

Talk is cheap Jimmy, but then again so is holding on the all that cap space too.

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Ronald

    Right on LG. We’ll just have to see what goes on in the days starting Tuesday.

    I wonder if there will be a rumors as to who the Browns contact until Tuesday?

    • LG

      Could Be Ronald. The thing is, when Tuesday comes teams can sign our guys (Ward & Mack). The Browns will have 5 days to match an offer to Mack, but who knows if they will.

  2. Daniel smith

    This Guy is unreal letting all our good players go. If you ask me he’s ass backwards. What’s he holding on to all that cap space for ????spend the money get us help where we need it before we got to watch another season go down the drain. It has to be bad if you got player’s that want to leave the team to go somewhere they feel wanted ……….wake up Jimmy this is the NFL. Not a truck stop!!!!!!!!!

    • LG

      You are right, they should spend some money. Maybe he doesn’t have the liquid cash people thought he had, he paid a boat load to lawyers……


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