The Browns 29-year-old rookie is going to be thrown into the fire this weekend as the Cleveland Browns take on a pissed off Baltimore Ravens defense. The Ravens are going to be well rested this week, the team is coming off their bye week and it will be a much different defense Weeden faces in game two of the Baltimore-Cleveland series. The Browns will be facing a team that still has hard feelings about losing their last game 43-13. The Browns will face a team that plans on coming out a making a statement this week.Brandon Weeden Laughing At Ravens

Since Harbaugh took over the head coaching job in 2008 the Ravens have always bounced back with a win after a loss this bad. The Browns are going to have to have a great performance from Brandon Weeden and the Browns defense. In the first game the Cleveland Browns were able to hang with the Ravens fairly well. The Ravens played 3 games over a 18 day period and they were playing on a Thursday night following a Sunday game.

This time the Browns will face a much rested Ravens team who are out to prove a point.   The Browns have to do tow things to compete with Baltimore this week.  They have to protect Brandon Weeden and they have to protect the football. If Cleveland can do both and the Browns defense plays the way they did in game one, who knows? Maybe the Cleveland Browns can pull off what has been the impossible. Maybe they just might win a game against the Ravens….  I look for the Baltimore Ravens to be a much different team this time around, The Cleveland Browns had better be on their toes this Sunday. It is going to be a battle.

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Readers Comments (9)

  1. RICK

    I think the Ravens will fade off the second half of the season it should be a good game. Somebody will win in the last seconds probably. GO BROWNS

  2. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … we keep talking about how much we are improving … we will find out this weekend. i expect us to play well.

    and don’t forget the secret ingerdient … we have cheerleaders now & are 1-0 with them doin’ their thing.

    perhaps you should do an article on the girls … they could use some dap too.

    • LG

      I had the lady who helped put the Cheerleaders together on my show over a year ago. It took a long time to get them going in Cleveland…

  3. LazyDawg

    I would like to point out that the Browns did not have Haden the first time they played the Ravens, so this will be a little more difficult for Flacco in his passing game. Plus they don’t have Ray Lewis this time around giving T-Rich a better opportunity for yardage up the middle. Now I know as you have stated that they are rested from the bye week, but if the Browns can keep them contained in the first half, I think the Ravens will tucker out in the second half do to they are getting sooooo long in the tooth, and the Browns can take advantage of this, because of their youth, and win this game.

    • LG

      I think having Haden could possibly make some difference. As far as the Ravens getting tired in the 2nd half, lets remember they are coming off a Bye week. I expect them to be a power house on defense and I expect them to try and kill Brandon Weeden because they are still pissed from the ass whopping they took from the Texans…

      • RICK

        I didn’t think yout gonna see a powerhouse defense. The Ravens are ranked low in defense and on the decline with their injuries. They are getting old and slower and have some key injuries on defense. I believe they lost a good corner for the season too. I’m not an expert I know when the game starts anything can happen either way. Stat wise (for what it’s worth) it looks like we could take them if we get the “D” that we need this week. Our speed might get us some turnovers. This secondary struggled in the start of the season without Haden but they are still up in the leaders in picks this year I believe. I hope the fans are there in full force this week for the 12th man. GO BROWNS

        • ABrown

          Not so old, Rick. They only have a couple of guys playing this week who are older than Weeden.

          Their defensive rank is a little deceiving. they have given up yards but not many points. T Suggs will be back playing this week, too. They should be able to limp along.

  4. DawgPile

    There’s a difference between rested and PUMPED. This young Browns team were told they could have Monday off after their win. NOPE! We are too pumped coach we want to get ready for the Ravens.

    GO BROWNS!!!

    • ABrown

      Yeah, that was so good to hear. It’s too bad the coach was so unpumped he wanted to give them a day off.

      But the Ravens are pretty pumped, too, team as well as coach. Most of the team had to make extraordinary efforts to get back the the team facility after a weekend off, during the hurricane.

      It should be a good game!


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