brandon weeden browns starter Brandon Weeden was asked what he thought about being named the Browns starting quarterback for this Friday night when the Browns take on the Detroit Lions in their first pre-season game. Brandon Weeden will also be the starter from this point forward, the Browns know when you have a guy that is close to N.F>L. retirement age, you have to get him into the game quickly. Friday night the people in Cleveland will get their first look at the Browns new rookie starting quarterback. Many think McCoy should have been given another  shot with the Browns and the new players they have on the team.

Weeden is going to face some guys in Detroit that will come after him, it is going to be interesting to see how the guy they say panicked under pressure in college handles the N.F.L. pass rush. The good thing about the Cleveland browns this season is they have a guy at running back Weeeden should be able to hand the ball off too. As a matter of fact they have a couple of guys including a healthy Montario Hardesty.

I know this Friday night all eyes will be focused on the Browns rookie q.b. to see how this guy performs in a game time situation.

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  1. ABrown

    The problem is that no one seems to know how to evaluate a quarterback like the Browns front office. It’s simple. If he has never played a down of regular season NFL then he is great, undoubtedly headed for the Hall of Fame. That goes for receivers,too. They may not run after the catch in practice. They may not have played in 2 years. But they are tall and pretty fast. Sure they should start. They’ll be the second coming of Randy Moss.

    The players who have played in the NFL are the opposite. Get rid of them. They are trash.

    And what about developing players? Throw them to the lions or other great defenses before they have even learned the offense or know to not stare at the receiver they will throw to. That develops QBs into the kind of quarterbacks that have played for Cleveland since 1999. Then draft someone else.

    Once you know how to coach football the Browns way (up to now) it all makes sense.


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