When Brandon Weeden finished the game for the Cleveland Browns Sunday, he had his chance to hold a post game press conference, at the press conference Weeden said he threw the ball where it needed to be all day out there. Is he kidding us? Weeden went 12 for 35 had 4 interceptions and finished the day with a 5.1 rating. If he thinks he threw the ball where it needed to go all day, he has a real problem. There is no way he could have realized what he said in this press conference. He missed open receivers all day long. He couldn't get the Browns into the end-zone and he threw his last interception when the Browns needed to mount a drive in the last minutes of the game.

If that is throwing the ball where it needed to go all day, he is going to have a real problem getting wins. I don't know how they do it on Oklahoma, in the NFL the object is to throw the ball to your receivers so they can make a play. If Weeden feels any pressure he is going to have a problem. This Sunday I think the Bengals are going to be coming after Brandon Weeden. The Bengals will be hungry after their loss to the Ravens and Marv Lewis always has the team up for a game against the Browns. The rap on Weeden will be to pressure him and other teams in the league know he will make mistakes when under pressure.

It is alarming to say the least that Brandon Weeden thinks he threw the ball where it needed  go all day. He better take a look at his pay stub to see which team is paying him, then figure it out...



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