How many 29-year-old rookie quarterbacks can say they got their first NFL win on their 29th birthday? Better yet, how many 29-year-old quarterbacks are there in the NFL? Today the Cleveland Browns got their first win on the 2012 season beating the Cincinnati Bengals 34-24. Weeden didn’t have his best stuff and he showed it is OK to be lucky. Three times Brandon Weeden’s passes didn’t clear the linemen, that was three times the Browns could have turned the ball over.  Weeden has to learn to throw the ball on an arc. This is not major league baseball and you have to throw the ball over the linemen’s heads.

Brandon Weeden completed 17 of the 29 passes he threw. He got his first win and it is his birthday so we should let him enjoy the moment. The Browns defense stepped up big in the second have to get their old man quarterback his first win in the NFL. The Browns would have set a record if they would have lost today’s game. It was nice to see them finally get a win and put the 11 game losing streak behind them.

Weedne still has a lot to learn in the NFL. Lets hope he continues to learn.

Browns Weeden Celebrates His 29th Birthday With A Win To Go 1-5

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. ABrown

    Bravos for the defense for interceptions, points, and field position, for Cribs return yardage and field position, and for a better balance between rushing and passing in the play calling.

    The gift for Weeden may be the chance to see that winning is a total team effort and sometimes things go better when he doesn’t pass all the time. The team can win with only a little over 200 passing yards.

    I love that TD pass play to Gordon. This is the 3rd time we’ve run that same play and scored on it every time. The Bengals were fooled as easily as the Giants. But I wonder how long it will take for defensive coordinators to spot it and adapt.

  2. ABrown

    And the offensive line — they are doing a great job! What an amazing turn around from last year.

    It’s a tough position to play, linemen often joke, because they never hear their name called unless they’ve done something wrong.

    • LazyDawg

      That’s a really good point about the O-line. Swartz seems to be a good draft pick and they are working together as a good unit in stopping defenses.

      I was impressed with how Hardesty stepped up and came in when Richardson got hurt. Hradesty did some straight hard hitting, run right up the middle football. I hope T-Rich sees you don’t have to juke all the time to pick up some yardage.

  3. Len

    The Cleveland Browns flatly won the game. The Browns won, period!


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