Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson was able to spend some time with Hall Of Fame running back Marshall Faulk after practice on Wednsday. Faulk who spent 12 years in the NFL was at the Browns training camp doing a story for the NFL network where he works as an analyst.

Faulk was one of the most durable running back in the history of the NFL. He thinks Richardson has what it takes to be great. Faulk said, he has it in him and he wants to be great. The one ingredient that Richardson may be lacking is durability.

Faulk lasted for 12 years in the NFL which is exceptional for a NFL running back. Richardson has already missed one game in his career because of an ankle injury and he missed all of the 2012 preseason because of a knee problem.

He played most of his rookie season with bad ribs and fell short of the 1,000 yard bench mark that the NFL measures great running backs with by only a few yards. Coming into his second season in the NFL, Richardson was bothered by a lower leg problem and there was some question about him making it to training camp on time.

Richardson answered that question by showing up ready to practice with his team and people are hoping his injuries are behind him. The one thing that Faulk had that T-Rich could be missing is the durability that enabled him to play for 12 years in the NFL.

There is no question about Richardson’s heart. He has a lot of heart and he wants to be great in the NFL. The question now becomes about him having the body that will enable him to produce to establish his greatness.

T-Rich and Fault have been friends for a while. Hopefully Faulk has let him in on the secrets of longevity in the NFL as a running back.

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Stiv Marley

    LG, another amazing article from you! As usual, bashing along the way. Did you look at Marshall Faulks’ career stats? Bet not! Here’s why; Yes he played for 12 years.Yes, he’s in the Hall of Fame. Did you know he missed 16 games over his career. That means he missed 1.3 games per year. Did you know 5 out of his 12 year career he did not reach the 1000 yard mark. So let’s get real. T-Rich has only played 1 year. Comparisons like yours are irresponsible at best. Again, I tell you, stop writing non-sense articles. Write positive, feel good stories. You may find you even like life!

    • LG

      If they win you will see positive….

  2. bigal

    LG – so the comment about Richardson’s durability was Faulk’s comment or yours added to the end of his comments. If yours, once again another horrible column. Seventeen sentences in this article and eight sentences were redundant and poorly written referring to Richardson’s durability. Haters will hate.

    • LG

      Not a hater. Just telling it like it is. Called honest journalism.

  3. Aussie


    • LG

      Nothing Aussie….


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