Trent Richardson not 100%Trent Richardson came into the Cleveland Browns camp and then it was he knee he had to have surgically repaired. He missed the entire preseason and then rushed back to take part in the games, probably way too soon. Richardson has been hampered by a rib cage injury and even though he made a few good showing, he is saying he is far from the 100% Trent Richardson, He went on to say he is looking forward the the bye week rest and he is hoping he can rest his body and come back closer to being 100%. Richardson’s rib injury is bothering him a lot more than he is letting on. T-Rich wants to so the fans what a 100% Trent Richardson looks like, he is still insisting there is a lot more of him to see.

Trent Richardson still can’t get use the playing football in the N.F.L., he thinks that he is going to have the same kind of success he had in college in the NFL, Richardson thinks every time he touches the football he is going to break one long and find the end-zone. Trust me, I am not complaining, it is a great attitude to have when you are a N.F.L. running back. I for one hope the Browns number one draft pick does come back after the bye week closer to the 100% T-Rich is talking about.

It would be great to see the first pick of the 2012 N.F.L. do some things that could spark the team to some wins. The Browns need something to get the competitive fire burning. The rest of the team could use a boost of inspiration. Richardson is ranked 14th in the NFL when it comes to rushing yards, not too bad for a guy who had to undergo a knee repair before the start of the season. He has a 3.8 yard per rush average and RGIII has rushed for a better average than Richardson has.  T-Rich only has a 63.9 yard per game average which moves him down to 21st on the list, the Browns have to get him more involved in the games.

Richardson has only rushed for over 100 yards 3 times since coming to the Cleveland Browns. You measure the greatness of a running back by how many 100 yard games they have. In Richardson’s defense the Browns haven’t used him right. In the teams defense, they didn’t exactly get the guy they thought they were getting when they drafted T-Rich. Nobody knew he would need another knee surgery and no one wanted to see him take the injury to his ribs either. Lets see what T-Rich can do when he comes back from the bye week. The team can use the guy who keeps saying wait until he is 100%. The entire Browns fan base could use that guy too…

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