Trent Richardson Week 14 28 yards rushingThe Cleveland Browns number one draft pick seems to get worse week by week. To mention this guy Trent Richardson in the same breath as the great Jim Brown is a travesty of mis-justice..  I don’t think we can find one game in the NFL when Jim Brown only rushed for 28 yards. Today Richardson claimed the rookie record for touchdowns by a Browns running back a record that has been held by the Great Jim Brown for years. Jim Brown was the NFL’s rushing champion 8 times including his rookie season. Do you think Trent Richardson is going to win a rushing title this season? Heck no, he isn’t going to be in the top 10  the way he is running. Sure if the Browns get a interception and the defense takes it past their opponents 5 yard line, Richardson may be able to carry some guys into the end zone to score a touchdown.

The Cleveland Browns need a guy that can help them move the ball down field, they need a guy that can carry the football 30 times a game and rush for 100-150 yards a game. This is how you win football games. You can’t win football games when your number one draft pick it out there rushing for 28 yards on 11 carries and one of those carries was for 14 yards. It is almost comical that they were comparing Trent Richardson to Adrian Peterson who is the NFL’s leading rusher in 2012.

Over the past 3 games Trent Richardson hasn’t rushed for a total of 150 yards. This week he had 28 yards, last week he had 42 yards and the week before that against a team that gave  up over 200 yards rushing to a guy this season Richardson had only 72 yards. Who ever made the comparison of Trent Richardson to Adrian Peterson had to be a freaking moron.  There is no way Trent Richardson is another Adrian Peterson. Peterson is coming back from a major knee repair and he has rushed for 1812 yards.

Trent Richardson hasn’t even broken past 900 yards after 14 games. Sure he may have more touchdowns in his rookie season than Jim Brown had, but this guy could carry Jim Brown’s jock strap. The first two picks of the 2012 draft coming from the Cleveland Browns haven’t been worth the effort of the moves the Browns made to get their number one. Guys who have been taken further back in the draft have produced far better than these guys.

OK people here is where you can start making all your excuses for Trent Richardson, you know the ones where you tell me how injured he is. If that is the case he shouldn’t be playing. The Browns have to have someone who can break 28 yards rushing on the team. They could have just handed the football to Josh Cribbs 2 more times and I’ll bet he would have out-rushed Trent Richardson……

What can I say? Another year of Browns football and another 9 loses already. Maybe the team should have been able to pass out the little white flags a couple of weeks ago…


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  1. Jim Brown

    I told all you this guy was just ordinary. Now you are seeing it first hand…

  2. tigersbrowns2

    damn , LG … now you’re down on richardson !??

    he’s only a freakin’ rookie … what , are you calling him a bust already ?? no one can live-up to jim brown’s legacy.

    jim brown rushed for 942 yards his rookie season (12 games) … i could not find his rookie season game logs … but here are some of the days the great jim brown had :

    carries yards year
    7 8 1958
    11 29 1960
    7 25 1960
    17 24 1961
    14 11 1962
    9 27 1962
    8 29 1962
    18 39 1965

    • LG

      I found his rookie games logs….He never had a game where he rushed for 42 yards as a matter of fact he only had one game with the Browns in 1957 that the browns didn’t rush for over 100 yards, they had a game that year with over 300 rushing yards. Jim Brown won the rushing title in his rookie year too….

      • Bob

        Guaranteed he’s hurt and Shurmur does not care.

        • LG

          Bob, as I said in the article you can’t tell me that someone else couldn’t come in and run for more yards per game…if he is hurt sit him down and let him heal….

          • Bob

            Yes, their names are Hardesty, Obie & Jackson. Agreed he should be on the bench, if he is hurt. If he is not hurt, Wow! for a 3rd pick. If this is Richardson’s decision and he is hurt, he’s not too bright to sacrifice for Shumur’s losing record.

          • LG

            Now I am hearing that Jackson is inactive because he is a cancer in the locker room……You believe that? He probably yelled at Shurmur and now Shurmur doesn’t like him…..

      • tigersbrowns2

        i posted just 8 games above where he was under 40 yards per game & i couldn’t find all the logs for 1957 – 1959.

        the above 8 games is when he was in his prime … the point is , even the great jim brown had sub-par days.

        ask the hard-hitting baltimore ravens defenders what they think about richardson.

        • LG

          We are talking about rookie years TB2. The reason is because everyone is running around saying how T-Rich beat J.B.’s TD record. First of all he took more games to do it and T-rich has started all 14 games this season. Brown set the record in just 12 games. Secondly T-Rich hasn’t shown me that he deserves the first round pick or thew money the Browns are paying him….

  3. tigersbrowns2

    … not to mention , richardson missed the entire preseason after his knee got scoped & he’s been playing with busted-up ribs the last so many weeks & yet he’s still out there bustin’ his ass when we’ve had people like peyton hillis that misses a game with a sore throat.

    i’d like to think we can cut the kid some slack.

    • LG

      Yes, that is another reason he should be sitting out….

      • Bob

        Hardesty is 100% healthy and has that Tennessee connection with Haslam. Hardesty should be #1 right now while Richardson heals cause he does look hurt. If he’s not hurt, then he deserves the wrath of frustrated fans.

  4. timmy carroll

    HI,BIG MOUTH YOU GET OUT ON YHE FIELD ,AND GET HIT 30 TOO 35 TIMES A GAME,LOOKS LIKE TO ME HES DOING PRETTY GOOD WITH A HIGH SCHOOL LINE,YOU YOUR SELF GET OUT THERE YOU MIGHT GET 50 YARDS A SEASON,OR IH THE HOSPITAL 1!!!!!!i think trent is doing his job very good,and wil keep doing whats rt for the to have him in dallas land!!!!!so until all the mouths run threw the d-line,you ought to keep bib mouths shout,and watch the fox sunday pregame show,keepo up the good work trent!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LG

      A high school line? Are you serious? This line so much better than last year. A high school line….

    • Bob

      Timmy. What are your thoughts on Weeden? Do you think Trent is hurt, like I do?

  5. webdawg01

    Shurmur has shown how stuborn and stupid he can be all year long. He sticks with Weeden even if it means a loss. He hardly plays Hardesty of Cribbs even though they have shown to be playmakers. Jackson (who had a nice preseason) hasn’t had a carry all year. Add to that his unbelievably stupid play calling and it’s a wonder that we have won 5 games. He never should have been hired to coach anywhere, especially Cleveland.

  6. TonysBrowns

    You never call a player a bust until after his third season. Not all players who end up great have stellar rookie years. Besides, we have shaky coaching. Now, if he doesn’t get any better next year and the year after, then yeah, he’s a bust. If he has 120 more yards, he has over 1,000 yards rushing…which is better than any running back drafted since the Browns have been back first or fourth round. Bottom line, Richardson is not a bust.

  7. DC84

    Really? Richardson is not the issue, it is Shurmur. Of all people and all the comments you have written about Shurmur you know damn well Richardson would be doing better with a different coach/scheme. Now saying that, Richardson is NOT doing bad at all, 897 Yds, 11 Ru TD’s, 1 Rec TD, 352 Rec Yds, = 1249 All Purpose YDS….not bad for a rookie who missed preseason, knee was scoped, bruised ribs, horrible play calling, hurt guards, crappy QB play, inconsistent O-line, and Shurmur (yes I referenced twice because he sucks that bad). Bottom line you need to sit back and actually see what this kid has had to deal with and cut him some slack. Someone of you football knowledge caliber is really just as frustrated as other browns fans and you are unjustly taking it out on the 1 guy on the field (when dumbass Shurmur plays him…12 Rush Atts vs Washington…WHAT?!?!?) who busts in ass blocking, running, and receiving, and NOT fumbling. Come on man, thought you be better then this.

    • LG

      I am not taking it all out just on one guy. I take it out on two guys Weeden and T-Rich…..But you’re right on the fact that I am just as frustrated and all other fans are.


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