Cleveland Browns  Vs Ravens The Cleveland Browns come into the Baltimore Ravens game getting just 3-1/2 points from the odds makers. The Browns are getting some respect from the odds makers even though the team only has 2 wins on the season. The Cleveland Browns have lost to the Baltimore Ravens since they returned to the NFL in 1999. The Browns are very optimistic about their chances of a win this Sunday against the Ravens. The team needs to come out quick and put some points on the board. The Cleveland defense has to show up in full force in this game to give the Browns offense a chance.

The Browns played the Ravens tough in their first meeting this season. The Browns have to set the tempo and avoid 3 and outs in the game. Cleveland has to control the tempo of the game and they have to be able to convert in critical situations. If the Browns cannot control the tempo of the game and the Ravens offense takes over the Cleveland Defense has to find a way to apply pressure to Flacco. If they can keep the pressure up throughout the game, they might have a chance to come away with a win.

If The Cleveland Browns can get their third win on the season against the Baltimore Ravens, this city will go nuts. The Browns have not had a good season since head Coach Pat Shurmur took over as the teams head coach. Shurmur has had his problems with his play calling that has been very suspect to say the least. The Ravens will probably apply pressure to Weeden as well. Even though Ray Lewis is out of the Baltimore line up, the Ravens still have plenty of fire power in the middle to keep the Browns offensive line busy. If the Cleveland Browns line can give Weeden the time he needs to get completions this one could get interesting.

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. muttklingon

    If theBrowns come hot and fast! take the Ravens off there game .And keep the Ravens off there game . browns have a shout ! to win!!

  2. LOL

    I see you are laying down the foundation of an arguement if the Browns can some how pull off a victory, A BEAT UP WORN OUT RAVENS DEFENSE Im sure will be your excuse for a win and a good Weeden perfomance… Don’t get it twisted im not sayin the Browns will win or sayin Weeden will have a good performance, just saying that this will surely be you excuse!!!

    • LG

      No not doing that, just stating what everyone is saying about the Ravens. I really hope weeden pulls off a win and he shines today the Browns could use a win and it would be a great start to everyone’s week for a change….

  3. LOL

    This game today…?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?! I dont know where to start… I cant blame the Weeden and the offense, I cant Blame the Defense… this is soley on the head coach of this Browns football team!!!! It is unreal how dumb this guy really is. 4th and 2 on youR 30 or so, with over 3 minutes to go, 2 timeouts and you elect to go for it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! are you F*^&@ING STUPID????? 3 games ago you wouldnt go for it on the defenses 30 yd line buT would YOU go for it on your 30 yrd line….WOW!!!!!!

  4. marty

    I blame weedon. If you ask Shurmur, he’ll tell you the same thing. You believed him when he said last year it was all on McCoy. So let’s not change your mind. Weedon is the strawman from the wizard of oz.He fires accurate bullits to the defense. Right on the money.Colt has a weak arm, with no evidence to show that. I’ll tell you the gospel truth. The sky is green and red. Weedon is 34th out of 34 qb’s this year. There is a brighter side, he can’t get worse.


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