For all the Colt McCoy haters out there especially guys like Denny Dice in Xenia, Ohio who lives his life just to hate McCoy. He isn’t going anywhere now. The Browns have reported they have no immediate plans to release or trade Colt McCoy. Team sources in responding to reports in the Cleveland Plan Dealer, say McCoy isn’t going anywhere for now.

When the Browns signed Brandon Weedon it was supposed to be the end of Colt McCoy in Cleveland, when they just signed Campbell, people thought McCoy would be gone. SO far he is still in Cleveland. The Browns think he is worth something and they are not just going to let him go by releasing him.

Unlike Weeden who the Browns wanted to trade but couldn’t get any value for him, the team feels McCoy has some value. They will retain McCoy and we are not saying he will be on the roster once the season starts, but we are saying team sources say they have no plan in place at the time to release Colt McCoy.

We are not sure this is a good thing for McCoy, if the Browns would have released him perhaps he would have already been picked up by another team. Only time will tell what McCoy’s fate will be. It will be interesting to see how this Cleveland quarterback situation plays out.

McCoy is set to make 2.35 million in 2013 and some think this is the main reason the Browns won’t keep him. They paid Wallace 3 million for doing very little to help the team win. At least McCoy is a team player. That is more than we can say about Wallace. McCoy probably will be gone some time soon.

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  1. dan dyer

    LG-you stated “The Browns have reported they have no immediate plans to release or trade Colt McCoy.” Actually they said and I quote “The team has no plans to cut Colt McCoy. Holding out for a trade? Perhaps. But not cutting him soon.” Please try and report the whole truth and not just your version of the “truth”. I believe they will try and trade him and will take whatever offer they can get. If they do not get an offer then they will release him.

  2. dan dyer

    LG-my apologizes! After researching some of these articles on this matter I did find that the browns were quoted as saying that they had no plans of releasing or trading McCoy, for now. Typical Browns reporting, one story, 5 different versions. So I apologize for questioning your report.

    • LG

      No Worries Dan, this is all in good fun. We are all Browns fans after all and we have to take it stride. Have a very nice Easter Weekend…..And thanks for reading and taking part in the conversation…

  3. muttklingon

    Campbell is to beat up .! weeden & McCoy is healthy!!.

  4. Bob

    They should release him so he can move on from this team and move on with his career. I wish him the best. Some team will benefit from him.

    The way they handled the Harrison hit, the way they lied to him about drafting a QB last year and they lied again when they said there would be a competition this year. There is no competition this year either. This morning Banner said as much in some radio interview. Weeden is getting first team reps starting in camp. Meanwhile, Haslam is back at his truck stop pushing ice slushies.

    Back to the team – Have to say LG, I don’t think they should have let Dawson get away (but I think he may have wanted to) because he was the heart of the team since he came in for the 2nd launch of the team. This front office, although different faces, lied again about a QB competition. I also don’t understand why they (front office) did not pick up a star WR free agent who could help mentor. Watch they draft Jarvis Jones or some other prospect with some injury or other social misconduct behavior.

    On an end note, how does this team expect loyalty when they don’t get great players in free agency, lie or let good players like Dawson slip out?

    Whole new team, but the SAME BROWNS.

    • dan dyer

      I believe this is the radio interview you were referring to:
      At this point, Brandon Weeden must feel like the words are etched in his brain, ‘will compete against everybody.’ Browns CEO Joe Banner set the record straight saying that Weeden will be the starter when training camp opens.

      However, Campbell will be given the chance to compete for the job. The two quarterbacks will go toe to toe with the advantage going to Weeden. However, Banner didn’t rule out drafting a quarterback to stoke the competitive coals. Marc Sessler of writes:

      ‘Newly signed signal-caller Jason Campbell will compete for the job, Banner told ESPNCleveland radio, via Mary Kay Cabot of The Plain Dealer. Banner also reiterated that the Browns won’t rule out selecting a quarterback in the 2013 NFL Draft

      In what figures to be a crowded house, the writing is on the wall for backup quarterback Colt McCoy. He isn’t a fit for coach Rob Chudzinski’s vertical passing attack, but Banner told the radio station McCoy won’t be released — for now — but the Browns are open to trading him.’

      I honestly am happy with free agency so far. They have added some nice pieces and some depth. As for a WR I think that they are happy with building with what we have, plus they may have paid a little to much for Kruger and Desmond and we still have to save money for our own FA’s in the next few years.
      I hated to see Dawson go, but this is a business and sometimes tough cuts have to be made.
      All in all i feel like things are looking up in Cleveland. I honestly believe that we are just a few players and a few breaks away from seriously contending for the division. But it will all depend on the QB, and hopefully ever Browns fan will support whoever the starter ends up being.

    • dan dyer

      Also you have to remember that Cleveland has been terrible since re-joining the league, minus 2 years. It will not be easy to land great players until we can establish ourselves as winners.

  5. HEY YA!!!!

    LoL yea the Browns wanted to get rid of Weeden so bad that Joe Banner said yesterday that he is the starter going into camp…

    • LG

      that won’t last long….

    • Bob

      That’s right. The front office LIED again. No competition. Does anyone remember Campbell playing for the Bears against the 49ers? Seems like a PERFECT fit for the Browns. Just watch Dawson, Watson, McCoy and other ex-Browns shine with their new teams next year.


      Happy Easter Everyone!!!

      • LG

        Happy Easter to you too Bob. BTW you see my latest post Bob? The Raiders would trade Palmer for McCoy

  6. JoeC

    I’m very curious to what garbage you’re going to talk about when Colt McCoy gets cut/traded because he’s, you know, an awful quarterback.

    • LG

      Hey Joe C, don’t worry if Weeden is still here and Colt is gone we will never run out of garbage to talk about. He will continue to manufacture it….


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